Whistleblower: US Military Running Censorship Agenda BREAKING: FLASHFLOOD WARNING FOR SF COUNTY Garvey Surges in CA US Senate Race Video: 1998 60 Minutes Interview of Nazi Collaborator George Soros Admitting to Rounding Up Jews


[February 20, 2024 (12:30 PST)

Welcome back, critical thinkers,

Arguably, CT&Reasoning has done twenty-five or thirty posts regarding censorship. We even posted the confidential handbook created following the 2016 election which was the blueprint for everything which unfolded from a meeting of big tech titans, legacy media, and globalists lieutenants in January 2017.

US Effectively Under Military Rule

Redacted News: Clayton & Natali Morris Breakdown Tucker Carlson Interview of Talking Fed 

So, while this is not as earthshattering granted what was taught in multiple classes at SFSU regarding the first Twitter War which resulted in Mubarak being unseated in Egypt (2011,) we continue to see evidence of the censorship which continues to this day--a violation of the 1st amendment.

Critical Thinking & Reasoning Dec 9, 2022: David Brock's Democracy Matters Censorship Roadmap

These social media weapons have been turned against us--CT&Reasoning even linked to a US Army special force cyber soldier vet who spelled-out what they were doing to us years-ago.

Matter of fact, I do believe as I scrolled back to get that link to the 49-page booklet marked "Confidential" it was actually the 2nd time we had posted this extremely important document.

Recall our post on what was revealed by Elon Musk on how the SF FBI office was in almost daily contact with the legions of censorship personnel at Twitter before the Head Twit, Elon Musk, fired most of them and rebranded the social media behemoth, 'X. 

Here is the link to the Epoch Times Story which the post was focused on. 

And, if you want to take a deeper dive on how this censorship continues to operate:

The Federalist: Homeland Security Used Fact Checkers to Silence Dissent 

Alexei Navalny vs. Julian Assange

Putin Knew Assange Extradition was Pending & Figured Best Time to Take Out Navalny (?)

Currently, I am monitoring an interview conducted by the Morris' of Glenn Greenwald regarding free speech activist and political prisoner Julian Assange extradition hearing and likelihood of him being thrown into a super max prison here.

The conspiracy theory is that it is not the video of US soldier shooting civilians--circa 2011--but that Seth Rich of the DNC having had received all of the pizzagate, & Hillary's Servergate. The resulting fallout led to Rich's alleged murder shortly after the Assange data dump in the closing weeks of the 2016 election.

I will say one thing, Assange's extradition would just be another headache for Biden, the system, deep state or whatever we are calling these tyrants.

. . . although we always caution against covering electoral politics here, this is intriguing:

KTLA 5: (Look at this Headline) Schiff Edges Higher Garvey Continues to Climb New CA Senate Poll

Should have been: "Dramatic Garvey Surge Schiff Pulls Away from Both Porter & Lee"

I watched this live from SF televised debate for the race to fill the US Senate Seat vacated upon the passing of Diane Feinstein; repeatedly, all three dem party candidates scolded the former LA Dodger, "You voted for Donald Trump twice" in some way shape or form.

The Trump Effect: Garvey Surges After Ads Blanket Media Saying Voted 4 Trump

 Unknow, I have been watching these ads and had wondered if this focus on Garvey's Trump support would backfire; regardless, I would expect these ads to be pulled immediately.

Alright, finishing-up for now, I expect flooding to accelerate in the next few days--statewide.

Finally, there has been two more arrested--both adults--in the KC Chiefs' Festival and once again NO Pictures of suspects.

Sadly, unless the shooter is an old white male it does not fit the narrative.

Once again, MSM proves to be a joke at this point. 

Thanks for making CT&Reasoning an ever-growing and appreciated news site! 


[February 22, 2024 (12:30 PM PST)

Hey critical thinkers,

I have posted essays from Jeffery A. Tucker of the Brownstone Institute before.

I felt this would be of interest and rather than a new post, the piece fits well with our discussion of censorship; absolutely, Tucker nails the big picture of what has and continues to be done to us and how it all fits into the WEF plan for global domination.

 Lastly, I watched a TV show on the German, DW News, which broadcast at channel 64 with a high-definition signal in the Bay Area.

A slick propaganda piece compared the propaganda in 1930's Germany and how any opposition or use of the phrase, New World Order is antisemitic; also, George Soros is a great philanthropist, and any criticism of this saint is antisemitic!

I think this is where they are going next; in fact, you can still go to YouTube and see the 60 Minutes interview conducted by Steve Croft (1998) where Soros states--and I am paraphrasing--he had no regrets about infiltrating and setting up Hungarian Jews to be rounded-up and sent to death as a teenager in what was the equivalent of the Hungarian Hitler Youth.

He has undercut currencies in no fewer that 20 countries, buying up swaths of land and industries, causing death, despair, bankruptcies, and poverty for millions over the last four or five decades.

A Digital Coup d' Etat


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