48 Hours Later: US Reeling from Historic Biden Downfall US Funding Its Own Invasion


[February 10, 2024 (14:00 PST)]

Editor's Note: CT&Reasoning stays clear--for the most part--of Trump this/Biden that; however, this has become about national security--the very survival of the republic. Clearly, this man is compromised by foreign governments and after reading the first 48 pages and skimming the remaining 175-page special council's report--one can conclude--he has egregiously mishandled classified information over at least three decades; most likely, having shared docs with our enemies; finally, degenerating to the point of chronic dementia with the angry outbursts, word salads, and lack of comprehension necessary to run the executive branch of the United States of America.

The process, perhaps under the 25th Amendment, needs to remove him from office.

I Will Take This a Step Further: We Have a Traitor in the WH Pushing a Civil War

Welcome back critical thinkers,

It has been almost two-full days since the ABC Special Report broke at 8:00 PM PST on Thursday night; obviously, upon further analysis, the timing was to counter the worldwide attention upon the Tucker Carlson interview of Vladimir Putin.

Contrast on Purpose? I Do Not Know

 Putin Near Genius & Political Tactician Carlson Top News Personality vs. Moron 

What is still not so clear is if the purpose was to--finally--throw our feebleminded bumbler-and-chief under the bus or if he overrode his advisors going LIVE well past his normal getting ready for bedtime.

Spent A Lot of Time Consuming Others' Content: Verdict In:

As a Nation We Are in Trouble

Some have floated as many theories about what all of this means as can be conjured-up!

As expected, MSM continued to cover for the president, yet there has been a real back-peddling as an Emperor Wears No Clothes moment--the world shockingly looking on--has transpired.

An Historic Flashpoint in US History 

The comments on this short report are telling and evident of how the US populace is awakening.

Well, Putin did couch his Nord Stream comments in the cloak-ish-ness one could expect from a former Soviet KGB chief.

A Bit of History: I Promise Not as Longwinded as Putin!

Among many internet sleuths or news-junkies, we knew from watching the events in real time that US run Blackrock operatives were deployed as snipers who would kill some 25 differing leaders/speakers who rallied in Kiev for political change following a coup--after an election--another coup resulting from the ongoing coup.

If I sound confused, it has been ten years, but this Britannia link seems pretty accurate of the timeline from the color revolution up until February 2014--best as I can remember.

Of course, no mention of US role in destabilizing Ukraine, for instance.

Recall, Russia was well underway rebuilding its military, yet still would take the losing-end of any conflict with the west, back then.

Rapidly, things began to change as modernized Russian fighters and ships at sea, challenged the US in the Black Sea & elsewhere. Excursions into former Soviet republics like Georgia were repelled--a new cold war was emerging--evidenced as early as 2014.

Admittedly, I had been rebuilding my own life at a veteran's shelter, Victory Village, in Jackson, CA, after my last-ditch effort to stabilize financial failures in the wake of the Great Recession, PDX, followed by a hasty retreat from the Williston, ND Oilpatch--mid-December 2013, temps already 12F below--temporary work drying-up.


I spent two-years at Columbia College, Sonora, CA before acceptance to SFSU and am now comfortably retired in San Francisco becoming a writer of rising respectability.

. . . how did you pull that one off in America's most expensive Big-Sh*tty, Davis?

Anyhow, I remember talking about the challenges and close calls on the high seas and in the air between the US & Russia with my other veterans, and practically no one knew what I was talking about--thought I was crazy!

Getting back to the subjects at hand, we have been Poking-the-Bear for better part of a decade now; moreover, does anyone recall Hillary Clintons proclamations of wanting to wage war against Iran and Russia in the run-up to the election of 2016?

Still to Come: Tucker Never Asked About the 14 US Biolabs in Ukraine

Okay, post # 309 is underway and I will have links to the quickly unraveling situation indicating a wider US/Nato conflict in the face of Ukraine barreling towards defeat; also, how this US border invasion is being financed and run--to a large extent--by elements of the US intel crowd, globalist cabals such as the WEF, and how we are being manipulated for our destruction in the coming year or two.

Evidently, these circumstances need to be peacefully, yet aggressively, brought out into the open and vigorously opposed in order to not only recapture our Liberty but take it to the next level. 

So, chew on this before I come back from a break:

Brighteon Broadcast News: The US is Funding Our Own Invasion

Listen to Learn Mayorkas Comes from Agency Running Invasion Camps in Panama

The Duran Interview of Michael Yon & Mike Adams: Texas Succession 
Failed Senate Bill Would Have Allowed 5,000-per-day Illegals Every Day

Here are the highlights:

Published Yesterday

- Current events in Texas with guests from Brighteon. (0:03)

- Texas-Mexico border situation and US government's response. (3:04)

- Weaponized migration and demographic warfare. (4:58)

- US border security and immigration. (9:27)

- US government's handling of immigration and security concerns. (19:44)

- Immigration, border security, and state rights. (22:08)

- US civil war, immigration, and global elites. (27:13)

- Immigration and border control in the US. (31:50)

- US politics, Biden's presidency, and potential breakup of the country. (36:35)

- Immigration, crime, and politics in the US and Latin America. (46:37)

- US politics, immigration, and war. (52:22)

- Biden's mishandling of classified documents and US Senate's bill for Ukraine and Israel. (1:03:06)

- US dollar dominance and its implications. (1:11:51)

- Putin's interview and health products. (1:16:40)

STAGGERING: 6-8 Million New Arrivals Since Puppet Administration Opened Border

Shockingly, an incredible interview which will be well worth your time.

See ya soon,


(21:00 PST)

Here is the latest about the expanding and deepening war in Europe from a special forces vet:

Canadian Prepper 10 Feb 2024: The Coming World War Explained





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