The Long Knives are Out: The War on Elon Musk's Empire Intensifies Another Media Company Files for Bankruptcy Trump Named in Latest Epstein Doc Dump Middle East War Increasingly Widening into Lebanon


[January 7, 2024 (15:00 PST)]

Happy New Year once again, critical thinkers,

Today, a Wall Street Journal article led top-fold on Drudge Report highly critical of Musk, alleging rampant psychedelic drug use, sleep deprivation tied to possible bi-polar disorder, and the assertion of the savant--admittedly--being somewhere on the spectrum of autism.



1. a very learned or talented person, especially one distinguished in a particular field of science or the arts

Example: he portrayed himself as a savant and a genius

2. a person who has an exceptional aptitude in one particular field, such as music or mathematics, despite having significant impairment in other areas of intellectual or social functioning

Example: Sam has trouble interpreting social cues and facial expressions, yet he is a savant when it comes to music

I am kind of new to this word and thought to put up the definition for our readers.

Literally, I think I approach the second definition as I can debate fairly well, write, talk on the radio--at a Top 10 Market level--with impeccable timing and delivery, or command pretty good camera presence; however, I barely passed Algebra 1 on the 3rd try, nor could I unpack a quadradic equation at the beginning of attending Algebra 2 if my life depended on it.

. . .ain't gonna happen, people!

Alright, ADHD Boy, this concludes the conceited or pat-yourself on the back portion of the post.

WSJ: Musk has Used Illegal Drugs Worrying Leaders at Space X & Tesla

Over the past year, Musk has had some pretty aberrant episodes--even for him! 

Let us start with the walking into Twitter with the kitchen sink and controversy over the mass firing of the propagandists & censors; just blocks from here, we were up-close and personal for the removal of the Twitter signage and installation of the flimsy 'X on the rooftop without a permit--to the dismay of City officials.

Musk on Joe Rogan Experience
Image Credit: CNBC

More like two-years ago, we had the weed smoking incident on the Joe Rogan show which generated a hissy-fit over at NASA among other agencies; then, Musk floated he might ". . .take Tesla private and stocks would be offered for '$420.00' a share," publicly prompting regulatory agencies to impose fines.

Previously, there was another investigation launched just weeks-ago, and what has happened in the last few weeks?

Well, Alex Jones was reinstated on 'X including the ability to post special reports and streams of his show which has restored his visibility--or Reach as we media-types call it--to almost 2017 pre-censorship, shadow banning, and deplatforming levels; specifically, the launch of his reinstatement included a 2-hour+ roundtable discussion chaired by Musk, Vivek Ramaswamy, Marc Dice, Brandon what's-his-face, and several other alt-media-types--fueling speculation that a new media paradigm or movement was unfolding right before our very eyes!

Also, Tucker had Jones on for two episodes including one of Jones bullet pointing the Globalists moves to bring about a New World Order over the last 100 years, starting with President Woodrow Wilson's Treaty of Versailles.

Tucker Giving Jones the Floor with that Stupid Dumbfounded Look Tucker Does

I know my stats & comments prove many of you do not care for Jones' shtick, so let us move on--a lot of other news out there.

Be Back Jack, I am as Done as a West Coast Dungeness Crab on your Left Coast,


[January 8, 2024 (11:00 AM PST)]

Hello again everyone,

In the last few hours, there have been blanket allegations that Trump had trysts at Pedo Epstein's New York property; obviously, the timing of all of this is suspicious when we take into account everything being done to prevent Trump from running.

We try not to cover electoral back-and-forth between these two; for example, I did not even mention what has transpired regarding Colorado & Maine's attempt to remove Trump from the ballot now before the supreme court.

I think everyone is aware of these developments from last week.


Axios: Radio Giant Files for Bankruptcy

Yesterday, we touched on my experience with Radio and what is interesting is that whether it is Clear Channel's lack of promoting or funding their terrestrial broadcasting holdings in order to focus on their streaming and digital platforms, or the massive layoffs and format changes, locally, which have been underway for years.

Unfortunately, just as every bus stop in San Francisco has all two or three [every] piece of tempered glass long busted-out due to the rage of the fenti-benties who occupy many of those stops, the vertical 55'' [16:9 Aspect Ratio] digital screen advertising at these stops--especially in the worst parts of town--having become increasingly under constant vandalism.

For example, Clear Channel manages the damage, and it is just another symptom of the collapse of civility. I do not know how Clear Channel's business model continues to survive.

Funny, I do not see the need for a Chanel #5 ad in the Tenderloin but whatever.

. . .maybe aluminum foil, Bic lighters, and plastic straws which melting fumes are sucked into these yo-yos' lungs would be better targeting.

California has a $68 Billion budget deficit, people.

SFMTA & MUNI stopped replacing the glass about a year-ago, and I would guess these tempered glass sheets cost between $1,500-2000 not counting installation.

Boarded-up graffiti tags former stores, an acid etching application of the glass marring almost every storefront which remains, poop smeared from block-to-block which requires vigilance step-by-step while having one's head on a swivel in order to assess which drug-addled fenti-benty screaming and flailing their arms around is an actual physical threat. 

Wrapping-up: Here is the Latest on the Trump Accusations

Daily Mail: Trump Named in Latest Doc Dump Orgies with Many Girls

Anyhow, I finally found a picture of Viginia Giuffre where she does look underage.

Image: US District Court Southern District

Here is another take on this unfolding story which does touch on the strange goings-on at Zoro Ranch

Not a lot of specifics

There is a lot more unfolding with this Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, disappearing for 5 days--including time at Walter Reeds' ICU.

With all of the incompetency and craziness, why wouldn't our enemies be planning for an attack?

Lastly, the Middle East war seems to be widening.

Reuters: Top Hezbollah Leader Killed in South Lebanon Israeli Air Raid 

Politico: Netanyahu Losing Control 

Closer to Home: Bay Area Grass Root Politics Increasingly Volatile 

Meanwhile, over 14,000 cars have been stolen in Oakland over the last year and four murders occurred over the weekend; the Soros backed DA, Pamela Price, is under recall and the mayor has not filled the vacant chief of police position for almost a year now.

Recently, Oakland Mayor, Sheng Thao, has received enough signatures from citizens to now have herself under recall.

My Take on All of this: We Are Now in the Fermentation Stage of Civil War 

Hmmm, seems like a lot of this is by design as the communist revolution continues.

Full Speed Ahead

We are barreling towards collapse, and I will try to keep you posted,




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