Epstein Story Almost Completely Ignored by MSM Alex Jones Influence: Recapturing Audience After Twitter Reinstatement


[January 5, 2024 (19:30 PST)]

Epstein & Daughter of Legendary MI-6 & Israeli Mossad Spy Chief Ghislaine Maxwell

Back for a short one tonight, critical thinkers,

Well, the Epstein document dump has been largely a disappointment; admittedly, I wanted to hang-back and see what developed; originally, I was planning to post two-days ago when I awoke to 740 KCBS news exclaiming, "The Epstein list has been released."

Rolling-over, I thought, "You really need to post about this before a Manchurian Candidate [CIA MK-Ultra] shooting is executed to drive the Epstein story down-in-the-news cycle."

Unfortunately, by the time I arose two-hours later, a school shooting transpired.

Conveniently, a shooting had unfolded in Iowa.

This, continues to fit the model of when bad news bubbles-up to the surface regarding our rulers--even mockingbird media must not cover it.

SHAZAMM [as Gommer Pyle would say,] a terrorist attack or school shooting happens within an hour.

Once Again: the Focus is on Teenaged Women Not Children

I Grew Up in Brentwood

Holly Crap: the house sold for $70,000 in 1971 has appreciated, no?

I remind the readers: Most countries--if they have an age of consent--are fluid or at least with 16 years=old being the standard--14 in France, for example.

We are one of the only countries which pretend human beings who have been able to ejaculate, ovulate, and create children for four or five years are stripped of their rights--somehow--subjected to not being responsible for their choices and the State calls the shots.

This is not creepy rhetoric people

Also, we have tobacco, vaping, and firearm ownership now pushed-back to 21 in most states; another example of Tyranny, anyone under 21 with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system is ruled at fault in an auto accident.

Insurance companies dodge payment if someone hits a driver--running a red light for instance--if any BAC is detected in the victim in the collision.

Individuals Do Not have Rights Until Living Almost One-third of Their Lives

Apparently, when someone is under 21 the state keeps chipping away or reframing the ability or even definition of entering into a consensual sexual relationship.

I have felt this way since I was a teen who lost his virginity at age of 14; my choice my body, the saying goes--unless a 15-year-old female which matures approximately 2-years ahead of their male counterpart falls in love with a 19-year-old.

. . .then it is He who is in big trouble, somehow (?)

Oh, let me tell you as someone who graduated Class of Fall 2018 from SF State, then Governor Jerry Brown had previously signed a law criminalizing sexual relations between students if either had consumed ANY amount of alcohol to be considered a victim of Rape.

So much for the morning-after walk-of-shame at the dorms and just going forward with your life, learning from one's mistakes, and realizing drinking can lead to a consensual sexual encounter later regretted.

BTW: I have historical documents and photos of my forefathers coming on wagon trains which make it clear that people were marrying and of childbearing age as they came across the Great Plains, landing in the Central Valley and San Francisco--making a 1925 Sacramento Bee Photo & article with a 5-Generation Picture possible.

. . .do the math people; doubtful anyone was getting molested, just starting a family while crossing the frontier or soon after marrying and getting established in the Golden State. 

Once Again a Big Cover-up: MSM Media Accounts Talk of 16-Year-olds 

Virginia Giuffre: OMG Prince Andrew Cupped His Hand on My Fully Clothed Breast

Fortunately, one must only do a little research, but alternative media focuses on the strange transhumanism--alleged baby laboratory at Epstein's New Mexico Ranch; Epstein had extensive surveillance cameras throughout his residences. Entered into evidence were the boxes of VHS, DVR, and Flash drives which were used in an alleged blackmail operation of world leaders and corporate behemoths--all the while--the MSM just keeps showing the pictures of the fully developed woman with Prince Andrew--over & over, year-in & year-out.

Epstein & Maxwell had ties to Mossad, CIA & were Running a Child Trafficking Blackmail Op 

Okay, more is going to come-out of this, and as we look back at the 2016 challenge by Alex Jones to pay $5,000 for everyone who could interrupt a live network feed by yelling, "'Bill Clinton is a Rapist' InfoWars.com."

No wonder, he was the first to experience legacy media in collusion with BigTech censorship in early 2017 destroying his several $100,000s per month of revenue flow from YouTube posts & shares.

Jones had Captured the Narrative by 2015 '16 an Audience Bigger than Fox & CNN Combined

Thanks to Tucker, Elon, and others, Jones is back on Twitter with 5-million followers within one week.

Censorship is wrong, rarely works, and demonstrates the weakness of those who cannot win the debate or argumentation in the public square.

Gotta go, but I will be back with some links and follow-up, tomorrow.




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