Iran Pakistan Cross Border Attacks Largest Resupply Redeployment Exercise Since 1988 Scheduled for Europe VIDEO: USN MH-60 Sea Hawks Sink Houthi Rebel Patrol Boats


[January 18, 2023 (13:00 PST)}

Back to the blogosphere, critical thinkers,

I wanted to get out in front of this development with Iran v Pakistan.

Aljazeera seemed the logical place to link to, and although both strikes are said to be against terrorist operating within each other's borders; recall, there was a huge two-bomb event which killed over a hundred people in Iran several weeks-ago. 

To me, that attack pointed to US or CIA involvement. 

The large public event was mourning Iranian Revolutionary Guard High-ranking General, Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by a US drone strike ordered by then President Trump; apparently, he was a folk hero and had been running attacks on US troops in both Syria and Iraq.

Aljazeera: Can Iran and Pakistan contain cross-border tensions? | Conflict News | Al Jazeera

It just makes sense to me that some in the pentagon would love to divert Iran's military to the border with Pakistan before increasing activities between Israel & Hezbollah leading to Iran further entering the fray.   

Here is an analysis from the same news outlet. 

Explainer: US Launches Fifth Round of Attacks on Yemen Houthis

ReForger Reimagined: Steadfast Defender 2024

ReForger was a massive annual drill of State-side forces from all branches reinforcing the--then--270,000 in theatre Naval Ground & Air Forces in case of a Soviet Blitzkrieg of Western Europe. 

 CT&Reasonings 300th Post is Underway

Alright, I will be back soon with the promised follow-up on the creepy goings' on in Davos with the World Economic Forum planning humanity's demise and the wargaming of a new virus for release.



[January 18, 2024 (19:30 PST)}

On December 31st, we reported on the US Navy engaging 4 Houthi gunboats which had fired missiles on merchant ships in the Red Sea; pointedly, we observed this was not a task for air-to-sea missiles fired from Fighter jets but better suited using only a couple of MH-60 Sea Stallions mounted .50 Cals', 7.62 machine guns as initially reported.

In Addition: 20mm Vulcans Tore Apart the Fish-in-a-Bowl Patrol Boats

As someone who fired .50 Cals out to 800 meters in field exercises and witnessed M-113 [APC] mounted 20-mike-mikes forward positioned in the Fulda Gap near the Iron Curtain tearing-open things, I vividly recall our 3rd Armored Division Iron Brigade Full Bird Colonel's remarks before releasing us from a brigade muster following all of the cleaning and a five-day recovery after 30 days in the field.

"Those Poor Sons-of-A-Bitches. . .We Would Give Them Every Opportunity to Die for Their Country!"

He continued to explain, we were better soldiers than our Soviet counterparts because we could think for ourselves lending our forces to what was called, "Battlefield Expediency."

. . .also, he climaxed his statements just prior to declaring, "Dismissed"

"You're better because you are FREE to go fu*k prostitutes in Frankfurt's Red-light District!"

A Salute Returned & "DISMISSED!"

And to that, we hustled back to the barracks to get-outta uniform, run to the PX for a carton of Marlboros to be used as barter and a--then--$3.30 bottle Fifth of Bacardi. All of this rationed, yet subsidized by the military, as we headed off to the Bahnhof--hundreds of us descended from Iron Brigade and other bases.

What I Remember: Lightning-Fast Mechanized Armor Spearhead Tab Added After WW II  3rd AD Were the First Troops to Enter Nazi Germany Near Wars End 

                                                                 God I am So Happy I Do Not Smoke Anymore

They were Ready: Third Armored Division was Back in Town 

Obviously, Cold War early '80s Army Infantry was a little different than today's outfits [with heels.]


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