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[December 5, 2023 (11:00 AM PST)]


Welcome critical thinkers,

Back in 2020, we were told that what had been done to us would also be revealed--in part--in civil lawsuits and this is beginning to bear fruit.

We had the upholding of the lawsuits regarding Big Tech & Legacy Media which were brought by the AGs in both Missouri & Louisiana upheld again by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals; currently, the administration is further appealing the matter which will likely end-up before the Supreme Court.

Office of Attorney General of Texas Press release: Is this the real reason his detractors impeached him last year?

Here is another view from a site which I respect.

Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog: Pfizer Lawsuit Awakens US to Mass CV-19 Murders

Whoa, Not Pulling Any Punches There. . .Tell Us What You Really Think

Last week, we saw Elon Musk attacked after being set-up by bots--allegedly--deployed by David Brock's Media Matters--one of the primary Soros-funded disinformation groups cloaked as a supposed fact checker among other nefarious things.

Why do I say this?

Well, Musk is sueing them for that stated purpose, but more specifically, this all unfolded about a week after he said, [paraphrasing] when asked on Joe Rogan's podcast about why Soros funded all of these awful things [like funding over 50 DA races in major metro areas which have led to our crime wave.]

Musk replied, " I think he just hates humanity."

We will see how this all pans-out, but it does seem Musk's X has been financially damaged by what amounts to a form of cyber-attack.

Last Time Posting on Damage Done from Masking: I Promise

Hate to beat a dead horse, but we have new people coming to the site as our readership grows; so, yet another study of how masks do not slow the spread of viruses.

Unfortunately, this Epoch Times is guilty of what we call burying the lead in electronic and print reporting; arguably, the strongest claims and the most compelling outcomes of the study are found halfway through the story on the harm caused from mask wearing in children--psychologically, socially, and developmentally.

Epoch Times: No Evidence of Benefit from Masking Children

. . .gezzy-wheezy, they even leave the damage incurred out of the headline!

Masks may have negatively impacted the mental health and social-emotional well-being of children—especially among younger kids—by restricting the ability to interpret emotions accurately.

Children with special education needs and autism may be “disproportionately impacted” due to masking mandates as they heavily rely on facial expressions to pick up social cues.

Please scroll down to the "Harming Children" section to take in the plethora of damage done to many of the west's population--the exception being several of the Nordic countries.

 In Sweden, only 15 kids from almost 2 million were hospitalized in spring 2020 despite schools not requiring face masks. No child died from COVID-19.

In Finland, no child death was reported even though none of the children below the age of 10–12 years wore masks. Some cities mandated children 12 and over to wear masks, and other cities mandated children 10 and over to wear masks.

 Compelling Essay Confirming the Tide is Turning:

To this point, “victories” against the hegemon that emerged in 2020 have been defensive in nature. Groups have fended off vaccine mandates, states have resisted calls for renewed lockdowns, and journalists have begun to expose the corruption that shattered Western civilization. 

These efforts, though important, have failed to bring accountability against those who usurped our civil liberties and pillaged the national treasury. Paxton’s suit strikes at the heart of the corruption behind the Covid regime: how their success required mass deception and their profits depended on lies. 

Here is the link: 

Brownstone Institute: Point by Point Covid History of Lies Censorship & Medical Tyranny

(12:30 PST) Okay, we just had a mass shooting in Vegas which perks-up my ConspiracyDar:

Could the Vegas Gran Prix [where a prostitution ring was just thwarted] have been used as a cover for the operation much as the Royal Saudi Air Force & Saudi diplomats were allegedly implicated after the Mandolin Bay Massacre?

You go down that rabbit-hole. . .

. . .I already have my senior year at SFSU on my two-semester political and current events streaming radio show on KSFS, Juxtaposed, co-hosted by Berkeley's Cristopher Robin.

It is quite compelling with multiple shooters in various other locations, alleged helicopter fire, police standing-down in the hallway for a half-hour as Maddox continued laying-down rounds, concert goers phones confiscated & swiped clean once returned by law enforcement.

. . .I Could Go On & ON ON

'til next time,



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