A Timely Christmas Message 4 Our Critical Thinking & Reasoning Family


Cali Santa No Doubt at Ocean Beach SF

[December 25, 2023 (14:00 PST)]

Hi Guys,

Whew, I slept so deeply after joining a team from my church handing-out hot chocolate, socks, and prayer for those less fortunate in the Tenderloin, Christmas Eve.

In a Departure from Serious News: A Greg Resse Report on Water

First fascinated by this subject laid-out on a Portland Cable Access program in the mid-nineties, here is a shorter presentation I thought our visitors might enjoy.

So many times, throughout the day, I ponder having been dropped into SF--where I and both of my sisters were born--returning to attend & graduate from San Francisco State; surprisingly, I look back fondly regarding my first year of twenty in Portland, OR where a man who lived in the somewhat of a flop-house I found myself residing in--along with February snowfall, 1993--I was asked, "What hospital were you born at in Frisco?"

Drinking Old Mill Water beer & smoking weed while listening to this guy's 1,000 + record collection, I replied, "Children's Hospital."

Excitedly, he responded, "'Government Baby,' they're all coming to Portland!"

Uh, What?

He explained in a hushed tone how certain children from four or five metro areas in the US were part of an experiment; admittedly, he was truly freaked-out when I used to yell, "Government Babies" every time I saw him like the CIA was gonna kill both of us!

Remember the indigo kids of the 1990's and Aughts?

Kind of a similar phenomenon--although humbled by my born-again baptism at Bakers' Beach with the GG Bridge as a backdrop a few years back--I have what is a rather photographic memory.

Can't tell you what I had for lunch two-days ago, but My Daily Bread devotional shared a story of someone who had a condition known as Hyperthymesia.

Okay, after checking the definition--I cannot just dial-up a date on some calendar two-years-ago--yet, I have very vivid technicolor memories of important milestones and experiences.

Just something I wanted to share; oftentimes, it feels like what I have often thought of as being a "Magic Man" since first hearing the mid-70's Heart song. Not boasting---believe me I have had some pretty grand failures or falls from grace---but have experienced a lot of strange anomalies which happenstance does not explain.

I had written about this while at Columbia College in Sonora describing it as my rather Forest Gump Life to a Drama professor who published a book with the title, "Serendipity."

Then, I win my one-and-only scholarship in an essay contest, several campus vans, driving -off to Ashville, OR for a week's all expenses paid trip with the class president, his valedictorian girlfriend, and about 15 others who were graduating with an AA in Theatre Arts, heading to the Oregon Shakespear Festival.

See what I mean. . .that kind of thing.

Speaking of grace, Grace Cathedral sits atop Nob Hill. I was Baptized there in 1962 with my Class of 2010 Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame [BARHOF] God Mother, Evangeline Baker, [68 KNBR & KGO 810 AM] looking on.

If I am Kinda Choppy Tonight, Please Forgive Me, I will Fix it Tomorrow

SF is viewed as responsible for the invention of that form of Medium, Television, thanks to Mr. Farnsworth; a CA Historical Marker sits outside of Farnsworth's laboratory on Green Street where much of the remaining broadcast media set-up shop almost a century ago--certainly many decades ago on Battery Street. 

There were others who contributed including RCA's Sarnoff, but Farnsworth takes the lion-share of credit.

A kid my junior year with the last name of Farnsworth [Being a super annoying budding AM music jock, I dubbed him Farnsy in a shout-out to the TV show, "Happy Days"] proclaimed, "My Father invented Television," only to have me laugh and say, "That's a good one!"

In retrospect, my high school's Radio & TV program was becoming nationally recognized despite me being rather clueless and a beer drinking while street-rodding teenager!

Cue the outtakes from the movie Dazed & Confused 

Stranger Yet

Also, beside the kid with the same last name of Farnsworth showing up at my high school's Radio & TV class around 1977 when Rio Americano began to draw students from around the country including locals like future CBS/KCAL Voiceover talent, Toby Browning, Portland/Sacramento talent Rob Tonkin, and Radio/VO talent, Dean Compoginis,

Dean went on air as "Dean Stevens" & "Dean Christopher" too, and worked for the reincarnation of KFRC San Francisco FM in mid-to-late 1990's and the Honolulu market for better part of a decade before becoming a stalwart in VO.

The annoying teen again: "Dean Compost pile"

When I contacted Dean to make a LinkedIn.com connection after graduation from State, we had a healthy 1/2 hr. phone call; despite my remembering it, he did not remember shoving and punching me after discovering an unflattering reel-to-reel impression of him.

Hell, who bounced around for a total of 6+ years on air over two decades, and who is the--presumed--multi-millionaire [I think he has a degree in Finance from Stanford or something!] who has a parallel career. 

Obviously, so many more worked in the industry outside and beyond my paying attention in later years, thanks to legendary Instructor and former Sly & the Family Stones band member, Charles Gebhardt [retired 2003.]

Also in the Desk: Reel-to-Reel I-view KGO AM 810 of Dad at The Bo-Club

. . .I got to get this stuff to legacybox.com, ASAP, huh?

My mother gifted me an ashtray from the interview with Dad inscribed, "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here." An Aunt Vannie interview with dad regarding some TV project also must be remastered digitally.

The grocery store I pass-by on Geary Blvd?

Mom in white gloves and high heals, took me to what now is called CalMart which was the location of a color Del Monte Ad featuring my middle sister, Dorain, holding a shopping cart remains in the historic desk featuring the two-page in the middle fold of a Life magazine published in 1961.

The issue also, featuring a younger Marlon Brando on the cover; Now, the desk once owned by the Associate Editor of Sunset Magazine, my maternal grandfather, Jesse, once sat at a typewriter--me at a laptop, right now!

There are so many synchronicities whether the parallels of the travels of Mark Twain [He too lived on what was the border of Calaveras and Tuolumne County where Los Molinos Reservoir now sits] and my frequent travels through the Sierra Gold Country on HWY 49 where I would pass a CA Historic Marker explaining the Chilean Camp where my Great Great Grandmother may have lived after arrival in SF in 1851; this, according to a 5-generation picture published in a 1925 Sacramento Bee--my infant father sitting on my grandfather's lap.

Weird huh?

Being me, is like teetering inbetween some future new age or paradigm shift in a time of great unknows, global instability, a looming World War III--a culture of questioning most everything.
At times, for me, it is a feeling of the weight of all of my ancestors which made the City by-the-Bay and Sac-of-Pimentos--as my father called it--home.

Okay, enough about me.

. . .hope I can live-up to whatever my final purpose is here in the Big Sh*tty

Understand I have Zero Children Only Surviving Family Members R Cousins

The Holidays are somewhat difficult for me

Let Us Post Up Some XMAS Tunes and bail to one of the historic haunts where I hang with the other mostly functional alcoholics which make up the posse I have been allowed to join.

I also had visions of living in 1850's Portland when I first moved there, but that is a story for another day! 

Merry Christmas Every Bunny,

Mariah Carey: "All I Want for Christmas is You" [TRT: 4:00m]

We Now Return to Regular Programing: Wish They All Could Be. . .

Keeping with this posts California theme:

". . .Oakland Let Me Hear Ya. . .Frisco. . .Sacramento, where you at?"

And, I will leave you with this one:

I have a Lamb Loin Dinner in the Works

. . .ahhh, Street Rodding!




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