They Used to Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist: Now They Call Me Correct FBI Warns Expect Domestic Terror Attacks IRAN PREPARES TO ENTER WAR


[October 16, 2023 (10:00 AM PDT)]

Welcome back to the site, critical thinkers,

This morning, I lounged a little longer than usual and had the surprise from my talk radio host I awaken to.

What was the surprise?

The Host of the syndicated Dan Bongino Show floated and then adding what we call backing in those debate classes which I took--backing grounded in facts--that President Biden has either caused or let happen what is clearly the worsening destruction of the United States.

He rattled off news item after news item of what we have been subjected to from the border being open to what is now projected to be 5 million migrants by years end, the shutting down of our pipelines and a big chunk of our domestic oil production, sending off much of our military hardware--everything from missiles, 155mm artillery shells now dangerously depleted, and whatever happened to the strategic oil reserve [SOR] Biden drained-out with much of it ending-up being gobbled-up on the world market by who?


Ever wonder how much has been restored? 

Virtually none of it by my estimation, and according to Bongino, we only have a 17-day supply of oil in the SOR.

In My Opinion: We Are Being Sleepwalked into WW III and Being Set-up to Lose

At this hour, Secretary of State Blinken, is hunkered down in a bomb shelter somewhere in Israel with their prime minister.

Scarier: Iran Considers US Militarily Involved Will Be Held to Account 

Jerusalem Post: Iran Threatens US

I will leave you with the latest which is an itemized list of what is quickly devolving--summed-up pretty well by ZeroHedge.

After decades of spying on Americans, engaging in censorship for the last half-decade, and through collaborating with Big Tech [many believe] overturned and is now influencing a second presidential election, this is what we get from FBI Director Cristopher Wray:

“Here in the U.S. we cannot and do not discount the possibility that Hamas or other foreign terrorist organizations could exploit the conflict to call on their supporters to conduct attacks on our own soil,” Wray told reporters on Sunday.

Here is the link to the story and what we have been warning about for years regarding these terror cells being put into place throughout the US and the sense that they may be activated.

ZeroHedge: Egypt Mulls Allowing Refugees FBI Warns of Hamas Attack on US Soil

Expect Attacks on Infrastructure: Power Plants the Grid Internet 

I have tried to stay out of the Left-Right Paradigm and avoid domestic politics on this site, but we have a very feeble--and perhaps compromised and most likely blackmailed by China--president leading us to slaughter.

I just got caught-up on last night's presidential interview on 60 Minutes, after having heard Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, explain how we can fight in multiple wars simultaneously [no longer true] and just wait till China moves on Taiwan as soon as by the end of the year.

Anyhow, President Biden managed to talk coherently and thankfully remained seated.

Oh, my goodness, we are really in a pickle this time.

Stay tuned,



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