911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB: READY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Freudian Slip: Biden Vows Increasing Use of Weather Weapons at Hurricane Idalia Presser


[September 11, 2023 (20:30 PM)]

Greetings again on this somber anniversary,

I have thought about the potential post for tonight, looked at many online videos, and have my--some 1000 hrs of research--on the 911 attacks.

What I am watching now is representative of what we have known since 2005 or '06 involving cut-through columns, placement of thermite to melt steal, and all of the rigging of explosives for months leading up to the event.

Were the planes holograms, the molten metal and acidic conditions of the cars--quite similar to the fires in Paradise and Napa, CA in recent years--Lahaina, once again use of lasers or direct energy weapons?

Definitively, I still do not know exactly what transpired, however. . .

The Official 911 Narrative NEVER Added Up

Currently, we are experiencing 5th Generation warfare with weather wars involving all of the storms in the US and around the world along with earthquakes, and massive culling events.

Sept 10, 2023: @Ninja StuntZ X Post of Biden Presser Following Hurricane Idalia   

Freudian Slip: Biden states that the government is going to ". . . increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events and be wary--we're going to be--use all the resources available to the government to do it."

. . .odd, and the five-day trip oversees was loaded with gaffes and bazaar actions and comments--even for Biden!

Back to 911

 I will just leave you with one of many videos I consumed today.

I have been HAARP-ing on this--pun intended--for decades and am encouraged by what is a great awakening and engagement from what are called the normies now sensing they better start paying attention out of a collective sense of danger requiring--at least self-preservation.

This video seems pretty good for a general overview without getting all into the weeds.

Richie from Boston: 911 Was an Inside Job

In closing, on my wall is a signed picture from Mr. William Rodriguez, Maint Supervisor WTC 1, who spoke in Portland and around the world in 2007 and beyond regarding his experience; actually, one of his electronic engineers receiving 3rd degree burns some forty or fifty seconds prior to the first plane hitting due to an explosion in the basement; for months prior to the attack, Rodriguez and his crew were locked-out of entire floors while huge vibrations and excruciating noise came from those floors--he presumes preparations to weaken the skyscraper's structure & dumpsters being dragged around.

Remeber much like OKC in '95, the rewiring of "a security system" going on for weeks prior to the detonation?

Alright, most this stuff has been out there since 2004-06 and beyond, and OKC since the mid-nineties; actually, I was interviewed regarding my research on several Portland cable access shows regarding OKC back in the day.

We Never Did Anything About Any of this--including WACO--just as WW II Generation Dropped the Ball on JFK RFK MLK

So, now we have a situation where we are experiencing a massive die-off or genocide from the vaccines, planned-demic, starvation in the third-world due to lockdowns with millions dead and Billy Boy Gates, Fauci, and the engineers of all of this ready to continue attacking humanity.

Had enough? I have!

We can stop this, and I intend to continue the fight with the pen--err keyboard--and am glad to have so many of you whom I talk to on busses, within the public square, supermarkets, etc. who are also awake and ready to do so.

Thank you for reading and spreading the link to CR&Thinking.com,

Genuinely, I believe in you, us, We the People,




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