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[August 11, 2023 (11:00 AM PDT)]

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland Announces Special Prosecutor this Morning

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Following our post a few weeks ago regarding the plea deal on the gun charge and tax evasion having collapsed, there has been discovery of additional millions of dollars flowing into these--not only shady LLC's--but to Biden family members, including grandchildren, according to bank records.

The work and witnesses before the two US House committees have been building a case which are closing-in on not only Hunter, but the president; that said, our blog steers clear of the weekly back and forth on not only this story but politics in general.

However, the dam has broken on MSM not covering this story.

Sharpening the Knives: Establishment Realizes Biden Cannot Be Allowed to Run

There is a lot to unpack here, but I will let the readers decide for themselves through the links and their own further research, but I do have a couple comments on what really sticks-out from my perspective.

1) AG Garland use of the phrase, "extraordinary circumstances," going-on to heap further praise of now Special Prosecutor, David Weiss

2) It was just reported at this hour [560 KSFO Fox Network] that a reporter asked Garland if the president was part of the investigation at which time he declined to comment

3) Remember, the two IRS whistleblowers--I think before both investigative house committees--have stated they felt the DOJ had ran-down-the-clock on the more serious two tax evasion investigations back in 2017/2018 & had talked with Weiss regarding requests for felony charges in the current cases being denied and refusal of Weiss's request of a special counsel be appointed since last fall

. . . at this hour, republican congressional leaders are displeased with the choose of Weiss.

4) It is being reported [now 12:00 hour] by Sean Hannity that not only has the plea deal which collapsed due to the judge finding a clause stating--no other charges could be brought against Hunter leading to her rejection of the plea--yet now, the attorneys have failed to reach a new agreement and are going to trial!

5) Hannity is now saying that the house committees will be subpoenaing members of the Biden family and possibly Garland himself regarding them lying to a congressional committee--even a perjury charge 

Please note: we are essentially a newsroom with several streaming and broadcast TV & Radio shows on at the same time [I will be bringing in a shortwave and a police scanner for instance.] In other words, although I listen and research news from across the political spectrum, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and around the World as necessary [finding Hannity repetitive neocon party line boring often tuning away] "Slannity" does have extensive contacts which leak him breaking information along with interviews of senators and congressman proving him a pretty credible source on a day like today.

So, here are some links on what is unfolding, and I will be looking for further sources on that second item, regarding the possibility that "The Big Guy" having been implicated.

AP: Garland Appoints Special Council

That AP story is rather vague omitting important details; however, this CNN article has more concise content and detailed references; as many of you are aware, CNN let go many of their pundit-type hosts and has been under a transformation returning it to a more neutral news gathering outlet closer to its roots.

CNN: Hunter & Prosecution Fail to Reach Agreement and are Heading to Trial

NPR: Davis Weiss Named Special Council

Epoch Times: Here is Their Take on What is Unfolding

On my part, there is some confusion if Weiss will testify before the house committees. I will be getting back to amend if needed.

. . .yeah, from what I can find, there are a lot of news stories clearing him to testify published in late July and I will work on clarification.

In Other Words: Breaking news of this scale can be a bit unruly!

. . .exciting news day, no?

Leaving You with an Amazing News Source: The Canadian Prepper

Do not let the title fool you; this Cat is a former Canadian Special Forces Veteran who has a unique format of parking news stories over maps of the world [picture Post-it Notes] and brings to bear all kinds of online resources and credibility.

Covering a lot of additional news besides what I put on today's blog title, here is the link to about a half-hour presentation from a podcaster who is extremely well educated on international and military issues.

August 11, 2023 [32:40 TRT] Blog: Mushroom Cloud North Korea Preparing Offensive & More



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