3,000 Reservists Quietly Called Up Headed to Eastern Europe Aspartame May Cause Cancer Video: Resse Report Critical of Sound of Freedom Exposes ties to Bill & Melinda Gates and Clinton Foundation Manhattan Institute Reveals Origins & Funding of Trans Revolution


[July 14, 2023 (10:45 AM PDT)]

Welcome back critical thinkers,

Over the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war, we have seen escalation after escalation; most recently, these [certain models] nuclear capable F-16s entering the theater with Ukrainian airmen being trained in Romania & Poland, and the cluster munitions already being deployed.

. . .that was quick

The Russian leadership has declared--along with the depleted uranium tank munitions--the F-16 deployment crosses a redline and are considered by them to be a nuclear escalation.

Let me remind those younger or not as informed at the time of the conflict, those DU shells caused massive intergenerational cancers, birth defects among the civilians ravaged in both the early '90's Desert Storm Gulf War and the Iraq War starting with Shock and Awe.

. . .somehow not a war crime 

Remember how CIA & special-ops in Iraq slaughtered up-to 40 or 50 Sunni & Shiite family members weekend after weekend--dumping them on street corners--in order to gin-up a civil war?

It worked and kind-of reminds me of where we are headed as the ruling class continues to divide us on multiple issues and fronts.

This Should Concern All of US: Reserves Heading to the Front

WaPo: US to Activate 3,000 Reservists

Speaking of The Gulf War: Aspartame May Cause Cancer

Some may remember when Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who sat on the board of the parent company pressured the FDA to reverse previous denials and approve Aspartame for human consumption.

What we later found out was those pallets of soda subjected to temperatures of up-to 120 degrees, turned the sweetener into a wood alcohol derivative--and may have been the cause or a major component of gulf war syndrome.

Macular degeneration and other maladies have been associated with the product as well.

Some Thoughts on Movie: Sound of Freedom 

We seem to have competing narratives as this report touches on MK-Ultra, the monumental obsession with all things transgender, and the strange connections casting doubt on the movies motivations.

Days earlier in a deeper dive, Resse explains the depth and history of the underground world of MK Ultra, Epstein, and how this has been going on for generations.

On a personal note, I tried to purchase a ticket to SOF, yesterday; startled that the AMC Complex had gone AI with no one able to help me buy the ticket, I inserted a credit card, then a debit card, and finally cash, and I could not complete the transaction.

Maybe because I was a few minutes late? 

Accordingly, I will be trying to see the movie because we will be discussing the issue--researching how it seems the turbocharged trans movement has multiple factions promoting all of this gender dysphoria upon children.

. . .there I said it!  This is an organized movement designed to sterilize our children--a steppingstone to transhumanism--orchestrated by the same globalist eugenicist cabal trying to kill us, in my opinion.

Want to challenge this statement?

Adults who want to do whatever with their body for the plethora of reasons given, have at it, do whatever you want.

There are so many regret-filled victims of this body mutilation online; including, horrific pictures of what must be done daily to keep the process going, the need for catheters, inability to perform sexually, etc.

Why do we have ads on SF busses declaring "Transgender people are 18x more likely to experience homelessness." AND "Trans people experience much higher rates of unemployment."

Most of us have seen the stats on depression and corresponding suicide rates skyrocketing post-surgeries.

Why would we embrace this?

Here is a short video [12:30m] which lays out the origins and disturbing nature of this programming and takeover of our culture--ultimately our country.

Manhattan Institute: Transgender Empire

Lastly, I have viewed several reports of the showings of SOF movie being disrupted, A/C being off, sound turned low, and incidents of jump-cut playbacks skipping parts of the movie.

I will get back to you on this after I watch at a theater which is not post-human!

Crazy stuff,



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