It Has Begun: Corporate MSM & Political Establishment Throwing Biden Under the Bus Movie: Sound of Freedom Lifts the Veil on Child Smuggling Epidemic


[July 10, 2023 (9: 45 AM PDT)]

Welcome back to a new week, critical thinkers,

In our first link to an Axios article written by Alex Thompson, the narrative laid out is how the warm fuddy-duddy uncle image of ice cream cones, trips to the beach, and surrounding himself with grandchildren [except the estranged daughter whom Hunter has tried to avoid paying child support on,] is a facade deflecting from the utter chaos surrounding this first family and the daily struggle to keep the president coherent, aware of his surroundings, and accident-free poopy-pants-wise.

Old Yeller: Biden's Private Fury

On that last comment, it has been widely reported that when the president gets angry, he loses control of his bowels--not just when meeting the pope or the time on camera--with audio rolling--he was seen saying, "My butts been wiped."

There are far too many credible videos and reports on this when it occurred a year-or-so-ago, so this is not some digital slight-of-hand.

. . . want more proof of the panic to do something about Biden's accelerating mental and physical shortcomings?

For one, we see Gov Newsom running around the country to battleground and early primary states; accordingly, he submitted to an interview on Hannity's highly rated Sunday show on Fox in order to show the contrast between himself and Biden.

A softball interview for sure, but just as Newsom says he is stumping for Biden while visiting key cities and states, he dodged direct answers on the president's health.

This Led Top-fold on Drudge Over the Weekend

The Hill: When is Optimal Time for Biden to Dropout

Then this dropped yesterday:

The Atlantic: Step Aside Joe Biden President has no Business Running for Office at Age 80

Then, when you lose Maureen Dowd of the New York Times: It is Seven Grandchildren Mr. President

MSM Feeding Frenzy: Cocaine Found at White House

Admittedly, I have sat on this story for a number of reasons since it broke, towards the end of last week.

First, there has been so much confusion on where exactly it was found.

Second, the speculation of it belonging to Hunter continues to be unsubstantiated and it looks like consensus has formulated on this is an area open to the public where low-level staffers carryout their duties--could have been anybody; however, there is odd footage of Hunter manipulating his nose just as someone does after tooting a line!

Hunter quite animated, appears to wipe sweat from his brow, and what some say is his raising his jacket to conceal taking a toot [he is exiting the balcony and his actions are largely obscured by Joe's head.]

That said, the nose tweaking then occurs, caught on the ESPN footage.

Why not wait until off the balcony moments later?

We know Hunter seems to think he is invincible and for the most part has demonstrated this thus far.

Memes Go Viral: MSM Avoids Most Any Mention of Hunter

I will leave you with this one which went viral over the weekend.


. . .Next!

Tim Robins Interview of Sounds of Freedom Creators

On the 4th of July, a documentary was released regarding the explosion of child trafficking which smashed records for attendance and overtook the latest Indiana Jones sequel.

If the interview is too long, there are a ton of other shorter ones in the YouTube thumbnails or anywhere you get your podcasts.

There has been a ton of interviews and publicity leading-up to the documentaries release; inevitably, this should shine further light on the White House's culpability in the giant child trafficking operation on our southern border.

Repeatedly, we have reported on this over the last two-years, and it feels as if we are in a great awakening--and what I am witnessing--sensing what is if not a religious or spiritual revival!

We May Be Able to Stop the World Economic Forum Plans of Genocide

There is so much coming-out on the bribes to Biden, the censorship carried-out on multiple levels--especially surrounding the vaccines deaths and lingering effects of the PlannedDemics damage--be it pilot shortages, damaged children, and the growing threat of further supply chain and food shortages.

For now, my friends, It's a Wrap.

Things are getting really, really, unhinged.

Hang in there,


[July 10, 2023 (17:45 PM PDT)]

Boy, am I glad I blogged first thing this morning!

Is Hannity Plagiarizing CT&Reasoning or is Biden Finished

Above is an 8+min excerpt from Slantities Fox show this evening.

The Knives are Out

Okay, I just had to chime-in,



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