OBFUSCATION NATION: CONGRESSMAN SANTOS ARRESTED AHEAD OF HOUSE COMMITTEE PRESSER: BIDEN FAMILY MEMBERS RECEIVE 10M IN FOREIGN INFLUENCE PEDDLING SCHEME Another Corporate Flagship Store Shuddered Amid Mass Exodus from SF Worse than We Imagined: Feinstein Returns to Senate Frail Long Past Ready for Nursing Home

BREAKING: MAY 10, 2023 (9:00 PDT)

Good morning critical thinkers,

Unusually, I have been away from the keyboard for a week, waiting for the dust to settle around two stories in particular.

Normally hesitant not to slip-into the left-right paradigm [Orange-man bad Biden grandfatherly ice cream enthusiast or Biden animated senile corpse & Trump controlled by Kremlin.] and we do cover politics or stories--during the week before and after the midterms, for example.

This is shaping-up to be one of those weeks!

First, we have what will undoubtedly be a damaging verdict against Trump regarding the civil rape case brought by E. Jean Carroll.

NY Post: Trump Found Liable for Sexual Abuse Defamation Ordered to Pay $5M

Trump vowing to appeal the Manhattan jury verdict which cleared him of rape but held liable for sexually abusing and defaming her, according to the NY Post.


Press Release US Attorney's Office Eastern District of New York: Santos Charged with Fraud Money Laundering Theft of Public Funds & False Statements

Suspicious in the charges timing, the story broke yesterday ahead of today's bombshell House Oversight Committee findings showing $10,000,000 in payments to the Biden Family from foreign entities.

Oftentimes Wonder if Constant Sunglass Wearing Could be Google Glasses (?)

Alright, this story is developing, and we have known from the two house committees' work--after convening in early February of this year-- of the 128 Suspicious Activities Reports [SARs] issued by banking oversight watchdogs.

It is fascinating to me how little coverage has been reported this morning other than a mention two hours ago on network radio top-of-the-hour news on Fox, of course.

I would expect a huge false flag to derail the news cycle or some other horrific catastrophe.

Ever notice how CT&Reasoning does not cover the lions-share of mass shootings?

Believing many of these individuals are MK Ultra mind-controlled individuals to some degree; admittedly, I do not know how they are triggered or deployed--smartphone everyone seemingly stares into, maybe (?) Certainly, we do know the vast majority are on SRI inhibitors or other anti-depressants which MSM refuses to acknowledge; after all, big pharma is their # 1 advertiser, no? 

. . .ever notice how initial media reports indicate two or more active shooters only to be changed--the narrative shifting to a lone gunman--within hours?

The Other Big Story I am Still Researching & Withholding Judgement 

Sure as we have seen an uptick in trans violence and unhinged incidents, there is this sense that these latest violent events in Texas are suspicious to many in the alternative or digital media, reporting that the cartels are behind both the truck attack in Brownsville, and the shooting at the mall in Allentown, Texas.

There have been reports focusing on each assailant having Mexican drug cartel tattoos; hell, a quarter of the drug dealers in the Tenderloin have those!

In a concise [4:29m] Greg Resse Report, we take a look at this cartel-angle coupled with the surge of military aged Chinese surging the border as we previously reported last week.

Banned.video: Title 42 & Unrestricted Warfare a Direct Attack on America

Okay, speaking of SF's Tenderloin that is within blocks of the now shuddered T-Mobile store, we are wrapping-up with a local story.

Still no Mention of the House Committee's Revelations on the Bidens on Drudge Report or much anywhere else; however, I do expect this to be a convenient way for the Dems to throw Biden under-the-bus.

My working hypothesis is Senator Feinstein (D-CA) steps down, Kamala Harris appointed to finish-out her seat and run to become senator for life, Gavin Newsom appointed to VP, and Biden falling-down the stairs of Air Force One or some other fate rendering him incapacitated or deceased*

So Much for Not Being Political
Until next time,


* Regarding Senator Feinstein, I must accredit several other media pundits and radio/streaming talk show hosts for first floating this theory, namely, syndicated talkers, Armstrong & Getty heard locally on 560 KSFO AM.

[May 10, 2020 (20:45 PDT)]

God Lord Woman: Droopy Eye Looks Like You Had a Stroke

OMG: Near Death Feinstein [DiFi] has Become an Absolute Train Wreck  

. . .okay, apparently our high-tech overlords have censored this link I just viewed a few hours ago.

Why Do We Continue to Have People in Their Mid-to-late '80's Running the Country?

Let's Try this Again: "NBC. . . Are You in There, over?"

There is the link, my work is done, 




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