Lifting of Title 42 Brings Predicted Onslaught at Border Homeless Junkies in SF Increasingly Violent Russian Media Proclaims US & NATO are Poised to Enter the War in Ukraine Huge Explosion at Ukraine Ammo Depot


[May 15, 2023 (11:30 PDT)]

Welcome back critical thinkers,

First, let me thank those of you who have spread links to some of my posts; hence, it is quite satisfying to see the numbers for the month reaching near record levels!

Where do we start. . .

El Paso Processing Center at 6 Times Designed Capacity

Here is the entire article & be sure to view the video within:

Who Remembers the Elementary School Lesson on The Trojan Horse

. . .anyone. . .anyone. . .Bueller. . .Bueller?

Accordingly, we should not lose sight of the overall picture being not the border in and of itself; obviously, it is only part of plan to do a number of things:

1) Prop up the uni-party globalist-controlled politicians within the federal government--namely the Dems but a lot of Republicans too--moving these folks into what few red states which are left

2) Dissolve any sense of unity among those from here who are the citizenry--much as has been done to France and other European countries--with wave after wave North African & Middle Eastern refugees over the last five years or so

3) Sadly, these claims of child sexual trafficking are increasingly proven to be substantiated with children being handed off to strangers some of whom have cartel or MS-13 tattoos, for example

4) Break us economically: Over two-years ago, we predicted [blogged] extensively about the Third World being starved-out and their economies destroyed by Covid lockdowns which would create this type of humanitarian crisis. How can we feed and house all of these people? Will they learn English or assimilate? 

5) The NGOs' such as UNICEF Red Cross and others were featured a couple of post back regarding the Darien' Gap in Panama--a staging area--where maps, rape kits, instructions on what to say once here is an organized effort 

Did You Know Refugees are Handed Smartphones & George Soros Funded Debit Cards?

. . . many in the alternative press, fear these phones will be used to activate terror cells, among the estimated 1,200 military-aged men entering the US--daily--from Communist China.

Here is a link to my post with that within the title and the shocking video evidence of infiltration.

Couple this with the on-going white-supremacy narrative being peddled to keep us all at each other's throats--further instituting the World Economic Forum agenda to take down nations and borders; could you believe the president's remarks this week at Brown College's commencement that white supremacy is the single largest threat to our security?

The perpetrators of both the mass shooting and the truck attack earlier this month in Texas were executed by Hispanic or Latino individuals.

Falsely Many in the Media Just Repeat it was White Supremacy

Okay, time to move on but whether it is covering-up all of the sudden death, myocarditis, nerve damage, brain tumors, and blood clots killing the vaccinated or pretending that homelessness is really not a drug addiction and fentanyl fueled phenomenon, mainstream media are weaponized distributors of propaganda, period.

On that last one, I just saw a report on KPIX TV 5 that homelessness was down by 11% over the last year; are you kidding me? There are entire blocks which are tent cities with trash everywhere, bus shelters and train platforms with junkies strewn about and the violence has sky-rocketed with people threatening me, regularly invading personal space--swinging arms widely while screaming threats.

At UN Plaza blocks from SF City Hall, the open-air fencing operation for stollen goods swells to hundreds of people buying and selling on many days.

. . . by my estimation, since the pandemic, homelessness has doubled in The City due to the draw of property crimes being encouraged by lack of prosecution, 

Ukraine News: Russian News Outlet Speculates on Escalation to WW III

Kinda Looks Like a Nuke Fireball Huh?

Okay, I will probably have more to add or create a new standalone post as event warrant.

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