Being Sold Out: US Would Run Out of Key Munitions Within Weeks in a War with China Whole Foods Closes New SF Flagship Store Citing Thefts Drug Addicts Worker Safety More on China Threats & Wargames in the Underway in Philippines


[April 10, 2023 (11:11 AM PDT)]

High Mobility Artillery Rocket System [HMARS] Operating in the Philippines 

Greetings critical thinkers,

Previously, we have discussed and posted images of all of the military hardware being positioned in Poland and Romania, for example.

This article pretty much sums-up the attrition rate which has taken place, the danger we are being put in militarily, and demonstrates how the resupply ratio--can take years across a wide class of weapons systems.

Daily Caller: 

US Munitions Stockpiles Aren't Nearly Enough to Take on China

In a conflict with China, munitions consumption would be enormous, CSIS found in a 2022 wargame simulating a U.S. military response to China’s invasion of Taiwan in 2026. The U.S. would expend all of its long-range, precision-guided munitions within a week, and the rest would last just a few weeks longer.

Alright, this next post will focus on the recent exercises off of Taiwan, and the massive wargame planned for early Summer in Europe and getting underway around the globe.

I don't know, but it sure looks like we are planning to enter the conflict with all of the weaponry being pre-positioned. 

. . . then, China moves on Taiwan (?)

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[April 11, 2023 (9:45 AM PDT)]

Back at the keyboard critical thinkers,

Locally, we have had several high-profile murders and people viciously beaten on the streets of San Francisco.

Over the past couple years, we have seen several Target locations, untold CVS & Walgreen stores boarded-up--as the aforementioned in numerous past posts--FentiBenties run to UN Plaza to unload piles of clothes and other items; oftentimes, hundreds are in attendance, both buying and selling.

This is the Epicenter of Criminal Activity Adjacent to the Tenderloin Neighborhood

I was looking for a local publication or website, but these will have to do.

This ground-floor retail space now located in the new upscale condos, Trinity Plaza, directly across from UN Plaza and the recently closed open-air drug use facility once run by The City

A Failed Experimental Effort to End Homelessness & Drug Dependency

Click on Next Story: The All Star Cafe has the Best Apple Fritters in The City

The Mid-Market neighborhood has struggled after the pandemic dramatically cut the area’s pre-pandemic daytime population of office workers, increasing vacancies and heightening concerns over public safety and street conditions. A number of businesses such as Block, Uber and Reddit have gone remote or given up leases in the neighborhood. 

Occasionally, we do like to point to the mountain of problems locally, yet it really is a national story unfolding across the country; undoubtedly, the crime wave initiating from the lack of prosecutions, and release without bail stemming from the Riots of 2020 remains under these Soros' DA's--the repeat offenders are still having a field day.

Our downtowns are hollowed-out with the commercial real estate the next economic shoe-to-drop, Financial District Highrise's with over 30% vacancies, and closed mom & pop retail and restaurants now destroyed by design during the PlannedDemic

Circle Back Jen Psaki-style

Alright, we know how I love to say, ". . .I am not in the prediction business, BUT. . ."

With the 1st of its class, USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier [CVN-78,] headed for the South China Sea in the coming weeks, Cali saturated and having recently experienced several moderate earthquakes; meanwhile, farm equipment largely has been unable to operate due to soil-saturation in the region, the food processing and other domestic terrorist attacks on our infrastructure continues to be glossed-over, by MSM.

Fox: Another Massive Chemical Fire Mysteriously Happens Thousands Evacuated

AND our antiquated and understaffed rail infrastructure remains under siege, I think we have the perfect storm for "The Big One."

A 7+-9.0 Quake would hobble much of the military still stationed here; remember, the vaxx mandates have hollowed-out our military.

Everything is Connected: We Have Been Sold Out Collapse is Imminent 

The militaries of the world are on the move while we have an octogenarian who cannot cobble together a sentence, playing with and sniffing kids' hair--again--those creepy Easter Bunnies having reemerged!

PSYOP: What is Heck is Going on Here?

We Are No Longer a Serious Country: Our Enemies Do Not Respect or Fear Us

From the same publication, we learn [Russia has five icebreakers the US none,] of exercises in the Artic.
God Help Us,




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