Time to Face the Facts: A Domestic War of Terror is Being Waged on US


Why Would Authorities NOT Recover & Move Rather than Create a Toxic Spread?

Everywhere We Look Day in Day Out Domestic Terror Attacks Spreading

Hey critical thinkers on the verge of nuclear war,

Yesterday, one of my consumers of this blog--an employee of a business I frequent--asked, "What is with this Biden?" Adding, "He really does look like he is compromised by China and is doing all of this on purpose."

I responded, "Increasingly, I have people saying similar things, I mean look at the ease of domestic terrorists to enter the country and wreak havoc on our food supply and infrastructure."

Every day, I go to the web and am astounded by the lengthy list of unexplained fires; repeatedly, we have posted instance after instance--even had spreadsheets of over 100 food processing and poultry farms--which have been wiped-out in the last two-years.

This Just In

ZeroHedge: Food Giant Dole Hit by Ransomware Attack

Oh the Irony: Plane took off from Bill & Hillary Clinton Airport

KATV: Plane Crash Kills 5 Eco Investigators Heading to E Palestine 

The other day, there was a story on a Clinton Staffer who died, having flied to, Epstein PedoIsland, some 7 times. The death was ruled a suicide despite, him being found tied to a tree, and no weapon located after shooting himself.

Where is that old VHS, The Clinton Chronicles?

. . . do I miss the '90's about now!

However, I have something better: A new John Bowne Report covering the latest string of fires--we have been overwhelmed the last few days to document so many--including the discovery of a pipe-bomb found a few days-ago on railroad tracks in Pennsylvania, and now a fire braking-out at the nuclear processing plant in Tennessee.

Rather than round-up all of these links, the video covers a lot of territory including the mysterious testing of a digital ID having been rolled-out in East Palestine--in the weeks prior to the derailment.

Note: Here is what I often employ when getting a post up for you guys. . .just hit your spacebar to pause at news items to write-down sources, keywords, and date of publication; then, put in a search engine and Wall-A 

Most of what we have covered in this post is now concisely laid-out in Bowne's video.

Jon Bowne Report [5:00m TRT] Criminal Elites are Getting Sloppy

Anyhow, in shades of things to come, I am running-up some bathwater in a 5 Gallon pot for my whore-bath heading into a fifth day of no hot water in my building; this, as we brace for record breaking low temps and even a chance of snow flurries on the City's tallest peaks--ten or more inches forecasted for East Bay's Mt. Diablo & Mt. Hamilton shadowing San Jose.

. . . and it is possible that Twin Peaks here in SF may even get a dusting overnight and Friday.

So, if you're not freaked-out enough by all of the preceding, check this out:

Just In: Russian TV Discusses Using Largest Nuke on Yellowstone & San Andreas Fault

We have covered a lot, but I do want to get to the bazaar case of this grand juror in Atlanta, GA jeopardizing whatever case they had on Trump.   

Back soon with another post,



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