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Epoch Times:  Widespread Suppression of the Alternative Media 

As is oftentimes the case at CT&Reasoning, we just get out of the way and let the news item do the talking.

Government Pressured Social Media Giant into Censoring 1000's of Accounts

Click the above link to navigate the flow chart signaling the key players & agencies involved

I wanted to put this up and explain how important the Infographic--embedded within the link--can be for understanding what has happened.

If pressed for time or multitasking, the excellent story has an audio narration as well. 

The well-sourced news item provides a roadmap of how federal law enforcement, alphabet-soup intel agencies, and Patriot Act (2001) created agencies, imposed following 9-11, are now trying to enslave the citizenry.

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[January 18, 2023 (9:30 AM PST)]

Hi again everyone,

Two days ago, a story appeared describing--the once--conspiracy theories which were on the extremist fringes, having become mainstream; indeed, information about the shady group of elites which comprise the World Economic Forum [WEF,] are increasingly being shared on social media, and mainstream media--to some extent.

Now, in increasingly mainstream corners of the internet and on conservative talk shows, “The Great Reset” has become shorthand for what skeptics say is a reorganization of society, using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights. Believers argue that measures including pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates are tools to consolidate power and undercut individual sovereignty.


I just read a similar Fox story which really does not address what is being done by the global elites--obfuscating the facts and completely missing the point.

You tell me: Why no mention of the WEF's Young Global Leadership School which has ". . .penetrated the cabinets," by grooming the likes of Canadian Premiere, Trudeau, Gov. Witmer (D MI), Germany's former Chancelor, Merkel, and the lion share of the heads of state (s) around the globe, according to Claus Schwab--his words not mine.

Okay, I am on to other things, yet the tide of public awareness has shifted and sure as the Davos globalist confab has 5,000 Swiss troops protecting them from the public:

These Private Jet Flying Elites are Scared & Their Plan Faces a Great Awakening 

This Just in: 5min video


[January 19, 2023 (9:00 AM PST)]

Authoritarian Lockdown Vax Pusher New Zealand PM Ubruptly Resigns

Hey critical thinkers, 

Rather than start a new post, this story lends itself to how we seem to be witnessing a trend in that the Covid narrative is really falling apart; arguably, the mood at the WWF global confab is dreary, many such as George Soros and other heads-of-state are not in attendance.

So, where are these groomed graduates of the WEF's Leadership School such as Canada's Justin Trudeau?

Certainly, the WEF's leaders have said--way--too much and are now dodging the confab; obviously, We the People are on to their plans.

This Just In

Well, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is leaving her post.

Frowny Face: According to Currently Unverifiable Sources Ardern Under Investigation 

BREAKING:  The Leader Who Lockdown Entire Country Over a Single Covid Case Abruptly Resigns

Other than the PM of Australia, Ardern had the harshest Covid protocalls, forced vaccinations, used police to abduct children, and on and on and on. 

Last night, Tucker Carlson [TRT: 30m] summed-up the damage caused by the WEF and touched on [14:43m] what was breaking news; undoubtedly, you will see a montage of her decrees for people to spy on their neighbors, stay locked-up in their homes or be taken into custody for 14 days or a month, and so on.

Okay, until next time, and yes, I will be watching what else unfolds this week in Davos, Switzerland,



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