Hold on WEF Super Villan Claus Schwab: Another Globalist Billionaire Rivals for Top Spot George Soros

Hello again critical thinkers,

I have listened to several interviews of Matt Palumbo, author of the Book, The Man Behind the Curtain."

If you're wondering how our major cities have become living hellholes--festering with violent criminals unafraid of any repercussions and BentiFentiheads rooting through trash they stockpile--look no further than the notorious George Soros.

Long-rumored to be drinking children's blood to extend longevity--Soros Needs a Nanny Pelosi-style facelift, no?

Soros: Self-admitted Nazi Collaborator

Soros, who divulged he rounded-up Jews as a teenager in his native Hungary to Mockingbird Media's, Anderson Cooper, in an interview which aired in 1998 on CBS News magazine, "60 Minutes." 

NY POST: George Soros Spent 40 million to get progressive DAs elected prior to the opening-round of their violent revolution---the 2020 riots.

So egregious are the actions of the Soros-backed progressives that for the first time in history, these prosecutors have become household names — whether it be St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who made headlines for persecuting the McCloskeys for defending their home against rioters, Chicago’s Kim Foxx, known for her role in attempting a cover-up after actor Jussie Smollett’s hate crime against Jussie Smollett, and the now-recalled Chesa Boudin of San Francisco, the son of 1960s radicals who was raised by terrorist Bill Ayers and effectively legalized shoplifting in the city.

Critical Thinking & Reasoning Reported on this in the Summer of 2020 as statues were being pulled-down, bombs were blowing-up ATMs to fund the revolution, and terrorized citizens stuck in traffic were mobbed by close to fifty rioters, resulting in gunshots and a man being runover--below--what was my 4th floor window at Golden Gate and Taylor Street. 

Hundreds--double the number of the year prior--police killed, thousands of officers injured, and 38 billion in property damage from arson, etc., nationwide.

Yet, Capitol Police opening doors and guiding protester through rope lines is characterized as an insurrection (?)   No one killed, except one of the protesters.

Not good, people should be arrested and charged for what happened on Jan 6, 2020, yet rotting in a DC gulag for a year-and-a-half without trial is a violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Since last Friday, we have had the FBI raid President Biden's Delaware home---conveniently---driven-down the newscycle hours later following another mass shooting, and further disclosures that the vaccines are killing and maiming now having to be covered by--some--in the mainstream media.

So, lots of obfuscations in the media to cover-up the globalists' crimes, but their narrative is crumbling, whistleblowers in healthcare, vax makers, and society at-large are publishing books, and appearing on syndicated radio talk shows such as Dan Bongino.

Even Fox's Sean Slantity is now doing his part to pull-back the curtain [pun intended.] 

Checkout this graphic from the article:

Alrighty then, post # 180 something is underway & I really am fascinated by what is unfolding!

THE GREAT AWAKINING IS HERE: Please Share CT&R with a Clueless Zombie 

[February 1, 2023 (11:30 AM PST)]

One last thing,

Today, I just found a more in-depth article detailing the propaganda wing of Soro's operation. I have known for some time, many of these media outlets, and fact checker organizations which have been used by big tech to censor dissenting opinions. 

Sadly, this is what we are up against,



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