Strong Evidence Digital Prison Being Built for Social Credit Score World Economic Forum: G-20 Meeting Proposes Vaccine Passport for 2023 East v West Nuclear War Brinkmanship Ramping Up

 [December 14, 2022 (11:30 PST)]

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There is so much unraveling from the years long Covid narrative, one can only think the powers that be will need something really big to transpire in order to coverup what has been done to the world's population.

On the Fast Track: Rolling Out the Next Phase of the Globalists Take-over Plan

Last night, this thought occurred to me after watching the video I am preparing to post today; arguably, Dr. Joseph Mercola has been one of the most prominent and credible figures in countering all of the propaganda, suppression of treatments, and toxicity of the mRNA vaccines.

The Defender: Why You May Soon Find Yourself in Digital Prison

As you scroll through the article, please watch the Maria Zeee interview of 20-plus-year Silicon Valley Computer Science & Electronic Engineer, Aman Jabbi, on what we are witnessing unfolding--better said to be putting into place.

World Economic Forum [WEF] Graphic on Plans to Enslave Humankind  

If pressed for time, just jump to 16:00m in the video to get a breakdown on what will--I believe--will compel you to want to watch the entire video which is just over an hour long; in a nutshell, these 5G towers atop what are being changed-out into LED Smart streetlights, and buried digital fiberoptic cables are going to hack-into our devices and track our every move creating the long rumored [already largely in place in China] social credit score.

Again, here is the YouTube Video URL:

Then at 23:00m in the video, hear Jabbi describe this LED Weapon that he says is next to be deployed; this, after explaining that some of these streetlights are equipped to recharge DARPA-type microdrones which are rapidly being deployed.

Does anyone remember the mysterious drone invasion which occurred across the southern border last year?

What about the swarms of drones used by Iranian forces against the USN in the Persian Gulf and the Pacific Fleet off San Diego?

Astonished, I am listening to the Zeee interview of Jabbi, again, as I write this post while monitoring TV, radio, and streaming content.

. . .hence CT&Reasonings byline: The Newsroom in a Bedroom

G-20 Issues Global Vaccine Passport so "You can Move around"

There is a treasure trove in this discussion on many levels within this short video.

Drake Speculates: Could those Mapping for Driverless Cars. . .

. . .actually, be conducting facial recognition mapping as well?

I have long suspected this because, how many times do the same streets need to be mapped, daily, right?

Okay, I have to get on to some other tasks, but am going to research this and see what I can dig-up; in the meantime, it seems the situation is escalating towards this proxy war turning into a full-blown conflict between the US and Russia---Patriot missiles now headed to Ukraine, and US forces remotely painting targets via satellite for Ukraine--in real-time. 

Scary Stuff: Russia's New Strategic Missile Readied for Launch

Stars & Stripes: Kyiv Prepares for Nuclear War

More on these two subjects, but there is already quite-a-bit to digest.

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{December 14, 2022 (20:00 PST)]

The Deaths Just Keeps on Coming


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