Let the Cheating Begin: Despite Increased Scrutiny the Usual Suspect Municipalities Appear to Be Engaging in Shenanigans Again

My Every Two Years Favorite Night: Better than the Stupor Bowl

Mid-morning mountain time, details of problems in Arizona's most populous county--Maricopa--emerged throughout mostly pro-Kari Lake precincts with 25% ballots being rejected by tabulators and long waits in line to vote.

Home to Phoenix Metro, this was a well-known target of Stop the Steal in 2020; once again, Philly-- is having incredible early returns for Fetterman [. . . name like that of a small-town Upper-Midwest hardware store.] Fetterman's or as many on the right call Uncle Festerman, is ahead by a whopping 80%.

At this hour, Fetterman is clobbering his US Senate race Republican opponent, Dr. Oz, with an over thirty percent lead.

In Florida, Desantos has been declared the winner.

I am going to link to excellent live coverage and analysis at infowars.com:

Yes, they have their Libertarian--some would say Christian-right representation expressed by some hosts--but whom is the powerhouse whose site began to surpass the MSM in 2014/2015?

That would be Alex Jones who is the most censored and suppressed early test case of the systemic censorship which has imploded our once wild west internet:

Live Marathon Coverage & Breaking Midterms News

If you can't beat 'em, bankrupt them!

Obviously, I am not the worthiest for real-time coverage, so I am going to kick-it with a bottle of wine, blue cheese--wild Chinook Salmon, and chime-in periodically; in other words, I want to take in the coverage across MSM and Infowars, Drudge, Epoch times, and our shady repeaters in this--the nation's Top 5 TV and 6th largest radio market.

. . .From the Critical Thinking & Reasoning Newsroom in a bedroom, "I'm 'Still' Drake Davis."

Now, hail hitting my SF ghetto-pad windows,


[8:00 (PST)]

Guess hail left Oakland with 3" of what looks like snow on the ground about a-half-hour ago, according to 740 AM KCBS radio.

Lots of info coming-in, with the polls now closed in CA, OR & WA.

  • Some Context

Currently, other than Guam, there are four House delegates representing the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Delegates can’t vote on the House floor, although they’re able to introduce legislation and make amendments to legislation. Delegates are unable to vote on the final passage of legislation, although they can vote on them in separate committees, according to the U.S. House website.

  •  Statewide in CA, Prop 1 to allow a strengthening of abortion rights is clearly heading to victory with 70% of the vote; Gov Newsom is in The Sac, and we can expect to hear from him soon

[8:30 PST]

KCBS San Francisco reporting JD Vance (R) running for Senate in Ohio wins, Newsom ready to take the stage, Eric Schmidt (R) wins US Senate seat in Missouri, Arizona's Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Blake (R) continues to be running behind by ten percent.

Here is the Count 

According to Epoch Times: 45 (R) v 44 (D) in US Senate & 171 (R) v 126 (D) US House

To Keep it Fresh & on the Top-fold: Stay Tuned 4 Next Post Election Results 


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