Red Alert: Talk of Nuclear War & Use of Kinetic & Unconventional Secret Weapons Underway Blue Angels Top Fleet Week Festivities in SF

 Hello again critical thinkers,

I could back-engineer the following videos and grab the headlines and news sites to bring them to you via hyperlinks, yet it is all there, and Greg Resse Reports deserves the credit:

Claims of a Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile [SLBM] Intercept & Crimean Bridge Attack

Mysterious Wave Below Kirch Bridge Prior to Explosions

Entitled, Depopulation Agenda Continues as World leaders Prepare for Nuclear War, the Resse piece contains a curious claim of Russia's Flagship Strategic Nuclear Sub [2:10m] having "disappeared" a few days ago--only to have surfaced through the artic ice--deploying dazzling technology to blind US Satellites. 

Both of these videos are under five minutes and while I have seen parts of the Oliver Stone Interviews contained in the latter--it has been a matter of record that Purin's Russia has been trying to negotiate a peaceful coexistence with NATO & end the decades-long encirclement and hegemony which has pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war: 

Puttin & the War to End the United States

Due to our censorship-rich or state/corporate controlled media, many of you are unaware of the hostile acts on the high seas, the Black Sea, and incursions into former Soviet speres of influence carried out by the CIA, special forces, and branches of our military.

Blue Angels F-18s fly over Bay

As the nation's largest or 2nd largest Fleet Week endures this week in the San Francisco Bay Area, already, we have been treated to Navy Blue Angels practicing overhead for well over an hour the last few days; yesterday, I observed the Parade of Ships from my strategically mapped-out vantage-point on Telegraph Hill.

. . .just kidding, tactically, I took the MUNI 39 Coit Tower Bus departing from Wahington Square, North Beach.

And a mid-afternoon thunderous display from an F-35 Lightening was exhilarating.

KPIX 5: Guide to Fleet Week & an Overview of Bay Area Military History

Strangely enough, All News KCBS 740 AM/KFRC 106.9 FM has not much of a mention on these escalating military developments and threats which have blanketed sites such as Drudge Report--highlighted in red on the top-fold--and other digital news sites, yesterday.

nor the repeaters on TV news choosing to focus on someone called Draman [cue: Joe Biden stating, "Common Man."] Green of the Warriors assaulting another player known as Jordon something-or-other---stepping away from the team for sessions of anger management!


We have North Korea launching missiles--over & over--into the Sea of Japan, and in several instances, over Japanese airspace, this last week.

Not including Sunday’s presumed launch, North Korea has fired six missiles in the past two weeks, which is an increase, even in a year with the highest number of launches since leader Kim Jong Un took power in 2011.

Oh, the Sharks have pulled ahead in San Jose, according to KCBS.

Our Broadcast and MSM is a joke.

WSJ: Military Preparing for Food Shortages 

Oddly, all of yesterday's urgency of the need for a nuclear conflict has been dialed-back on Drudge Report, but I would get some Potassium Iodine, and essentials to block radiation for your windows if I were you.

Think Gorrila Tape and some heavy mil vinyl or plastic sheeting, weatherstripping--blah-bity-blah-blah

Do Not Panic: Everything is Under Control

Oh, there is a mattress flung-about inbound upper-deck of the Bay Bridge, and certainly, an extension ladder has broken loose from the roof of a 1996 Chevy Astro Van climbing the Altamont Pass by now.

. . . nothing out of the ordinary to see here.



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