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Hello Again Critical Thinkers,

As often the case, I park a few links to news items after preparing what will be the contents from this last week's news cycle; accordingly, it has was October 21st with a follow-up posting of content on October 25th.

We are going to continue shining the light on these fertilizer shortages, planting, and emerging global food crisis which are speeding at us like a Japanese bullet train!

Of course, there is such a resistance on the part of the mainstream media [MSM] to bring to the public the continuing emergence of negative health outcomes among the sheeple who went along with the vaccines; that said, the propaganda and bullying which many of you endured drove you to go along with the program or programming and as a media scholar, I understand what has taken place and stand with you in utter disgust of what has--and continues to be done to us.

Outrageous: The COVID Propaganda Campaign Drug into the Sunlight

Unfortunately, this is just the opening snippet: open the link and you will be absolutely Floored:

  • Vaccine engagement package to all media companies and show producers
  • Outreach to major culture event producers
  • Outreach with WCDT [likely We Can Do This] brand and engagement ideas to major businesses and associations
  • Launch Community Corps Business Chapter
  • Start celebrity Share the Mics

While I consider most of syndicated talk radio to now be a part of MSM, there are a lot of streaming talk shows, podcasts, and websites getting the word out; also, the Salem Network--a relatively smaller right-leaning network--does have affiliates all over the country and has geoengineering giant, Dane Wiggington on Sunday Afternoon, and I believe Salem still hosts Infowars to their broadcast affiliates.

Currently, I do have Salem's local Bay Area affiliate [comes-in or is received like a 5,000 Watt vs. 50,000W flamethrowers such as 560 KSFO or KGO 810 AM] on for several hours a day; positioned as "AM 860 'The Answer,'" host Viktor Borka is a pretty lockstep MAGA Trumpian, yet, he has been a consistent voice-of- reason against the lockdowns, forced vaccination, the killings which took place in nursing homes.

Far from supporting Trump, I do think these outlets which will talk about these subjects need to be supported.

Critical Thinkers Filter & Self-censor for Themselves & Find Host of Their Liking

Personally, just as I found Limbaugh entertaining despite major policy disagreements, I do find the Conservative Christian Former NY City Cop, The Officer Tatum Show, pretty funny.

Here is their website:

There are affiliates in most major markets and Borka just finished interviewing an author, Jason Hart who's newly published book can be found on Amazon.

Here is a link and a summary of the contents:

Data and marketing consultant and statistical sage to presidential candidates, governors, businesses, and the real powers-that-be, epidemiologists, Justin Hart catalogs in a terrifying-but-sprightly manner the folly and psychosis produced by the pandemic and diagnoses the societal destruction that the massive overresponse to the COVID virus has wreaked, as well as what can be done to stop the madness and bring the world back to a modicum of rationality.


Someone broke America. In this nightmare, neighbors have turned into agoraphobes, teachers fear their students, children are muzzled, citizens are censored, dystopian fictions have become reality, and unelected officials are creating a biometric police state. Oh wait. It’s not a nightmare. It’s our daily lives!

In truth, much of this insanity didn’t 
start with the coronavirus pandemic (it was already latent in big government and big corporations) and it won’t end there. COVID-19’s greatest threat turned out to be . . . mental. All we had to fear was fear itself—and boy did some of us fear! The very idea of the virus weakened the immune system of America and revealed a decaying underbelly of confusion, panic, unease, and cowardice few of the strong ones suspected existed. What a horrible wake-up call!

In a spate of anxious dread and gleeful power-grabbing, our health overlords threw away the pandemic response handbook and tried—beyond all reason—to protect, well, 
everyone. From massive over-testing to universal retail plexiglass to stay-at-home orders to stay-away-from-school orders to masking mandates to vaccine mandates to some of the worst restrictions on civil liberties in American history, this is an epic story that poses big questions about America’s future as a free society.  

And the odd thing is, as Justin Hart shows, the actual disease was, as pandemics go, not that threatening; most people were at minimal risk. What 
is really scary is the total overreaction of half the country, many governments, that lost all sense of perspective. Hart offers a hopeful prescription on how we might face the madness down and claw our way back to sanity!

Lastly: A Special Message of Appreciation to My Readers

. . . SFSU Purple is Special, no?

Before I go and promise to come back in the next post with more content about the escalating nuclear war fears and if the powers-that-be are this crazy to either start taking-out our satellites [discussed by Russian officials in news reports today] or taking down the Internet or electrical grid, I want to thank our readership for their open minds regarding my new sources.

I have always believed the best way to stay informed is to take-in all sides.

Just as I visit or listen to some of my sources listed above, I find the print edition and digital site, Epoch Times, journalistically sound, firmly populist--they do indeed lean-right--we find them as a useful source on all-things Covid.

Regardless, as a liberty-minded civil activist in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area for almost twenty years [1993-2011,] I continue to strive to aggregate the news for my readers in the same fashion.

Throughout those two decades, I subscribed to publications ranging from Mother Jones, The Nation, and Sierra Club on The Left, to The New American, Libertarian Party News, and the Cato Institute Newsletter.

In other words, I was a member of the Oregon LP Party for close to two decades while a fellow or member of both The Cato Institute and the regional Cascade Policy Institute and a Card-Carrying Member of the freaking American Civil Liberties Union, Fully Informed Jury Association, and Amnesty International.

Daily, I listened to many Air America shows, back in the day. . .I still stream, my favorite, Randy Rhodes, occasionally

Now that is Diversity from this now Registered Independent who Happens to be a Libra as well!

The scales of justice are in my DNA.

See ya soon,


[October 27, 2022 (21:40 PDT}

Call me Crazy:

I used to go to sleep listening to KZAP Sacramento on Sunday nights--meeting the public affairs FCC Regulation--back in the mid-seventies.

Honestly, you cannot make this sh*t up.





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