Revisiting Denver Airport Conspiracy Nuclear Brinksmanship & Putin US Military Recruitment Shortfall Worsens

 Hello Again Critical Thinkers,

Our readers are really either intrigued by some of my claims and not so sure regarding some of my links--a sort of cognitive dissonance which is understandable if things are as bad as I demonstrate--or they are top notch in their discernment and comprehension of how dire the situation has become.

Let us start this new post with a couple of videos & return for some news items:

Greg Resse Reports: Bugout Bags Underground Bases &The Denver Airport

Now, this is one of the funniest conspiracy theories I have ever run-into

Living in The Mile High City in 1990, I got to see some of Denver International Airport's [DIA] construction, appreciate those wild late afternoon summer thunderstorms, and loved the drive-thru liquor stores!

Seriously, this whole subject of DIA compartmentalizing a Deep Underground Military Base [DUMB] had some pretty substantial evidence surrounding it. Interestingly, the mural described in the Resse video [TRT 4:10m] and the many spooky circumstances and other imagery are a good starter overview.

Last I heard, the mural had so terrified children and disturbed arriving weary travelers that it was taken down at some point.

My Odd Connection to a Little of the DIA Mystery

Momentarily, Resse, flashes an image of some owls, and YouTube videos can be found of an owl and the configuration of the runways, allegedly, resembling a swastika when seen from aerial photography.

To the uninitiated, the Bohemian Club less than a mile from my locale, is adorned with owls; in fact, I have two black & white pictures of my TV Producer Father, Willard S. Davis Jr., being interviewed by a KGO 810 AM talk show host in 1962 at the once all male club.

In front of a gigantic topless woman depicted in one of many oil paintings!

. . . yep, that is the same group that has had a sprawling old growth forest compound in Sonoma County attended yearly by the global elite since the turn of the last century!

Guess what?

For now, and in closing, I will try to upload an image of an ash tray Willard must have. . . well, acquired, stamped with an image of an owl and inscribed, "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here." 

I need to get out, but with the serious news on Putin and my beginning to track-down what is being described as US special forces--already on the ground and helping with these recent Ukrainian advances on the battlefield.

I wanted to start with something fun and hope you enjoyed these videos because we are in some really dark times news cycle wise.

Babylon Bee: Californians Adjust to Moving to New Life in Texas 

See 'ya soon,


[Back Jack: September 22, 2022]

Russia Coverage Everywhere

Hello again,

I will post a story on what is devolving in Russia; specifically, media coverage has shifted from Putin's nuclear threats to military-age men trying to escape the call-up for conscription.


MSN/WaPost: Mobilization in Russia Sold-out Flights & Protests

There are many layers of this story being covered elsewhere, so I am more interested in our lack of preparedness from a number of factors. We have written about the military and other industries being hollowed-out by the vaccines mandates.

In my opinion, it appears we are being purposefully put in a weak position with the strategic oil reserve being drained, pipelines & domestic production being shut down or curtailed; couple that with the crops not getting planted, drought, disruptions in grain and other exports in both Taiwan [needed computer chips for military hardware such as avionics] and Ukraine adding to our supply chain woes.

That is a real long sentence, yet I will let it stand as I could have gone on and on about food processing plants being sabotaged--fertilizer falling into short supply--delivery shipments cut by 40% by Warren Buffet's Burlington Northern Railroad.

Record 150 Year Drought: SF Pressure Washers Waste Tens-of-Thousands Gallons H2O

Earlier in the week, the Marines quietly dropped their vaccine mandates for troops, but you cannot just flip a switch and fix what I believe has been the--intentional-- take-down of our society to enter the stated goals of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and the UN 2030 plan

. . .for newer readers, please scroll back to multiple posts [Claus Schwab Super Villan is a good one.] 


[September 24, 2022]

Just one more thing (. . .or two,)

CT&Reasoning readers know we have an astute eye on military moves, hardware, and the geo-political or geo-economic--world affairs if you will--focusing on our discerning coverage of what the global elite technocrats are deploying.

So, this morning there is more emerging evidence that we are upon something life and societally altering which is facing the nation and the planet.

China Using Fishing Trawlers Civilian Ships to Augment Navy

There are ominous warnings from many corners of today's date--through the end of September--being some kind of launch or ides-of-march timeline.

France 24: What Could Happen if Russia used Nukes

Consider that not only Jusin Bieber but many other concerts and upcoming big events have been canceled in recent weeks, we have a flood of military-aged Russians fleeing the motherland to avoid conscription, our recent test launch of a Minuteman III ICBM, and these reports--really just rumors which I cannot substantiate--of US special forces and CIA on the ground assisting the Ukrainians. 

Alright, we will see what happens as the end of the month looms.





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