Politically Weaponized FBI: The Pillow Guy and 35 Other Opposition Leaders to Regime Under Siege Vaccines Deaths Continue: Take A Look at What is Being Found in Covid Death Corpses Outrageous: SFPD Float Policy of Commandeering Homeowners Security Cameras


Hilarious Photoshopped Image of Booty Seized

Greetings Critical Thinkers,

I can try to stay clear of the pollical factions' back-and-forth but have to weigh-in that what seems to be going on is truly unprecedented.

Clearly, I have a track-record of opposition to the FBI dating back to Randy Weaver's wife being shot by a sniper on private property while holding her baby; the worst example, the parishioners in WACO being burned-out of their church--again--on private property; tragically, when the inferno ignited by flashbang grenades--after the church was pumped full of butane gas--failed to kill all of the children, they were summarily gunned-down and others runover with tanks as revealed by Flir camera footage which emerged in an award-winning documentary in the late nineties. 

. . . that is a lot of hyphens!

In my opinion, the FBI became an KGB-style fascistic instrument of our police-state many decades ago; yet this use of it to go after the populist political opposition to the long embedded one-party system has become an unprecedented development.

Those conservatives in media have hours of elected official--on both supposed sides and others questioning election results regarding almost every election since 2000.

Switching gears, where were you people--on both sides--when I was protesting, circulating ballot petitions to end mandatory minimums or property seized prior to conviction when no-knock warrants led to parents having their homes seized, children abducted, and facing a ten-year sentence for growing marijuana in their basement?  

For example, I have the documents and the photos of my handing out jurors' rights pamphlets [FIJA] or my message to the voters in Oregon's 2006 voter's pamphlet, when I was nominated by the Libertarian Party for a US House Seat running on a platform of "Restore the Bill of Rights."

[updated 9/19/2022: After subsequent proofreads, I really need to preface those remarks with that this was the 90s and Aughts when people were--mostly--carefree and bathing in the economic bliss; also, many of my readers who HAVE been politically active and do pay attention to those of you, I apologize if taken aback by my comments.]

The Important Thing is You Are Awake & I Appreciate Your Readership

My assertion has always been a purposeful & incremental erosion of our rights which has led to where we now find ourselves.

You Have to Allow Others to Have Their Liberty So You Can Have Yours

Alright, let me finish my thoughts by adding I am no fan of Trump and think he is largely responsible for the death and injury from these untested vaccines.


Let Us Talk Sudden Death Syndrome & Statistics

Athletes were the canaries in the coalmine, with several hundred dropping dead despite 80% having no symptoms or family history of heart disease. With the release of the latest statistics, the historic life expectancy drop can no longer be denied.

Excuse some of the audio, but take a look at these strange growths being found by physicians and morticians which are killing the vaccinated--blood clots do not really fit the definition 

Please Find Several Mike Adams Interviews 

Then, watch these horrifying videos embedded in the above link.

Lastly. . .

The San Francisco Examiner: SFPD Seeks Ability to Tap into Residential Systems and Watch Live WITHOUT TELLING OWNERS

Our country is so far gone.



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