Oligarchy: George Soros Funding & Infiltrating of Local DAs Campaign Undermines Law & Order Florida Gov DeSantis Suspends Soros Backed State Attorney Breaking: Jury Slaps Alex Jones $48 Million Verdict


Top Globalist Soros is both a longtime CFR & World Economic Forum Member

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The fight back against this Globalist takeover of the United States & the West continues:

Tucker Carlson: This is Disgusting

Fox Morning Roundtable Points to Resume is of a Criminal Justice Reformer

Farking-A Man: FL Gov Desantis Fires Soros Backed State Attorne

I have firsthand experience with the uptick in violence [See pictures in the blogpost entitled, My Junetenth Racially Charged Beating by a stranger on a MUNI bus] and was punched in the chest which did lead to an arrest while in the SF Health and Human Services building--including a long run in with a stalker who remains a threat--all in the last 4 years.

Asian Hate is a Problem & so is Violence Perpetrated Against Old White Men

So, trust me, I talk to other older victims and get a lot of OGs agreeing with me; also, most of those are in agreement that the MSM is fanning the flames, and now recalled and replaced SF DA, Chesa Boudin hid behind stats showing crime was down.

. . .of course, he does not charge people properly or prosecute the majority of cases leading to over 50 SF deputy DAs who resigned over the last several years in disgust.

Usually, I try to keep my personal or day-today goings-on out of this blog; however, I sustained 3rd degree burns from a stalker I had a restraining order on from a CA Superior Court Judge---violated no less than 20 times in which SFPD were summoned; oftentimes, she threatened to kill me, on a weekly basis, chasing me with more hot grease, knives, and a medieval dagger.

Boudin, did nothing despite two arrests and her actions resulting in her eviction and my being moved to a new building due to her homophobic and racially motivated threats to harm myself and another burn victim who she threw scalding liquid on twice.

. . . Were these DAs put into place to undermine our society? 

I Think There is Ample Evidence to Demonstrate This

Point being, what has unfolded with criminals being released without bail, rioting that resulted in thousands of cops being injured; moreover, hundreds were murdered in the over 500 riots of 2020 and nearly 20 billion in arson &property damage without prosecution in many cases.

No, that was not as important as close to nearly the over 700 being held in a Washington DC gulag; factually, an Inserection that saw ZERO deaths, except an US Air Force Vet who was one of the trespassers.

Some Inserections are more Equal than Others

I will be back to fill-in-the-blanks and add more links okay?

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[August 5, 2022 (13:00 PDT)]

I promised more links, so one from the middle-left-leaning Politico which mentions nothing about the George Soros funding:

Truly, I have to agree on the articles premise that this DA was a two-time elected official, and DeSantis' actions does overrule the will of the electorate.

On the other hand--after explaining to my readers how I was terrorized by someone for over two years--thanks to another Soros funded DA, I have to side with starting a movement to get more Soros embedded DAs removed by recall or any legal means available to other governors.

Here is the take from Right-leaning Townhall's Leah Barkoukis.

Townhall: DeSantis: Suspends Woke Soros Funded State Attorney

Alright, as the say on the set, "That's a rap!"


[August 6, 2022 AM]

This came in yesterday, midafternoon, our time:

Free Speech Systems Founder Alex Jones Reacts to Verdict in Travis County, TX Courtroom

Infowars Sandy Hook Verdict: Pay $49 Million

I had waited to see if an Infowars video with their take would be out this morning--most likely tomorrow.

According to Jones, he was gagged from talking about freedom of speech, the 1st amendment, or present a proper defense, and so on.

Looks to be a fatal wound to "the most banned network in the world" which reaches--conservatively--over 5 million viewers a day, worldwide--despite big tech working in unison & de-platforming him in 2017.


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