Third Day of White Supremacy Shooting Blanket Coverage I Contend What is Going On is By Design Taiwan Under Continued Threat from Mainland Fertilizer Shortage Already Wreaking Havoc in Latin America Once Neutral Sweden & Finland Move to Join NATO Russia Moves Mobile Nukes to Shared Border

 Hello Again Critical Thinkers,

Despite a strikingly similar number of victims and also being racially motivated, we just had this previous shooting last month which slipped-out of the news-cycle--pretty much the next day:

CNN April 13, 2022: Racially Motivated Black Gunmen Kills 13 Leaving 19 Injured in Brooklyn Subway Shooting

NY Post: Clearly Could Have Been Prevented

So, we ignore some mass shooters and the eerie similarities of these people being known to authorities [Remember the Parkland High Shooter who was referred to by other students as "The High School Shooter"?] telegraphing to many and on social media, yet law enforcement does not intervene.

As the Following Article Points out There is a Pattern of Censorship Through Omission

Townhall: Biden Rushes to Buffalo yet NOT Waukesha and other Mass Killing Events 

[May 16, 2022 (17:30 PST)] Follow-up from Townhall on Inconsistencies of Narrative

Tip-toeing Backout of Racially Charged Issues: Let's Change Gears 

We have spent an awful lot of time at CT&Reasoning speculating on when & if The ChiComs will invade Taiwan.

Not in the prediction business, yet it would seem that the world is engulfed in so many parallel crises currently erupting, and the evidence keeps mounting that this president is not just highly inept but is purposefully taking-down the country.

. . .melodramatic Drake?

Backing-up My Claim with Argumentation Grounded in Reason

I have posted many of these links in previous posts, but let us look at all that is being done to us:

1) The baby formula production largely was shut down due to an FDA recall 3 months-ago and large swaths go to feeding the offspring 250,000 people surging into our southern border, monthly,

2) tens-of-thousands of Felons let-out of penitentiaries, so they do not get the flu-like symptoms of Covid-19,

3) Release one-third of The Strategic Oil Reserve so our military does not--or the nations truckers if a real food or economic emergency arises--have the fuel to defend us; this, as much of domestic oil production and pipelines [Keystone/XL] were shutdown by executive orders the day Biden was sworn-in.

4) Rundown stocks of these Javelin missiles and other armaments--giving them to Ukraine--so our NATO partners in Western Europe are further hampered by vaccine mandates which have hollowed-out many strategic positions/roles in their militaries.

5) Destroy our ability to produce crops with a fertilizer shortage--partially due to sanctions on the Russians--while Warren Buffet's Consolidated Freight Reduces Transportation via CF Trucks and BNSF locomotives to Western States; not to mention the loss of food processing plants from bombs, arson, and 2 different instances of planes crashing into them.

MSM Ignores: These Vaccine Mandates Have led to a Labor and Other Shortages

An BNSF freight train hauling oil tankers on June 22, 2018, in Whitefish, Montana. CF Industries, one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, told the public it cannot ship via Union Pacific rail lines for the foreseeable future as the carrier struggles with staffing issues. (Image: George Rose/Getty Images)

I talked to a farmer I buy from at our twice-weekly Mid-Market SF UN Plaza Food Market about fertilizer and diesel shortages; ultimately, his larger concern was a shortage of DEF which if not in supply=potentially--causing farm equipment and long-haulers to cease operating:

The company also stated that products most affected would be urea and urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer (UAN), in addition to diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which diesel engine vehicles such as semi-trucks require for their mandated emissions control systems.

6) Let us not forget that the Chinese produced Fentanyl being brought-in through that porous southern border continues to soften us up for what I believe will be an attempted invasion of CONUS. 

Clearly, I could go on, but we can see patterns everywhere once we know the globalist game-plan documented in our over 120 posts at

. . . as Kenny Loggin's once blared from JBL studio monitors on mid-eighties KAER Sacramento 92.5 FM:

"This is It"

Thus, getting back to why the time may be right for the ChiComs to invade Taiwan:

Distracted, further proof we are becoming entangled in an escalation in Europe:

This, following events over the weekend in Berlin: MSN Reports NATO to Add Sweden & Finland

Nice. . . and I will be back as events continue to devolve.

Hate to Tell Ya but Infowars was Right

Report: Authorities Flagged Buffalo Suspect as "Troubled" a Year Ago AND, Dropped the Ball on Other Mass Shooters.

. . .or are they in on it?

How many times have we seen the FBI participate or cover-up attacks against the United States?

ENOUGH: Dissolve the Criminal Federal Bureau of Investigation!

Duh, Drake


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