Woke to Tragedy in My Hometown: 6 Dead in Downtown Sacramento Shooting More San Francisco Nonsense: The Biggest Water Waster in the State Blackwater CEO Finds Time to Address Shareholders While Buying up 30% of the Nation's Homes Hundreds of Russian Troops Poisoned

 SacBee: 6 Killed 12 Injured in Shooting by Capitol at 10th & J' Street

Morning Everyone,

I have been rather out-of-commission when it comes to posting & treading water in a news cycle of constant despair, grim future predictions, and the real possibility of Californians actually dying from thirst due to lack of water.

. . . couldn't happen here?

Look at the foolishness and lack of leadership I wake-up-to every morning:

Multiple commercial pressure washers running throughout the late night & early morning; obviously, I am pro-pressure washing having ran Drake's Surface Clean & Stain for better part of a decade in Portland, Oregon; primarily a concrete cleaning, fence and boutique hand-brushed deck staining operation focused on high-end properties and builders such as my biggest client, Renaissance Homes, in the PDX/Vancouver metro area.

It is Almost Like They Are Doing This on Purpose

For instance, like so many things that defy what we need to be doing or seem completely out of our control, these contractors show-up and do the sidewalks all over the Tenderloin District, SF, and oftentimes, one of many different City run crews or non-profits shows-up a day or two later and repeats the process.

Now you may be reading this and thinking, "Drake, what is the point of this dissertation?"

The Sum of What is Being Done to Us is Planned and Purposeful

In other words, when we take into account what we talk about here regarding the World Economic Forum's [WEF/Davos Agenda Group] plans to dramatically end our way of life, the globalist shutting-down our pipelines and halting fertilizer production--Bill Gates buying-up the majority of farmland in this country, and the biowarfare being played-out via vaccination--it is not a stretch to understand that weather modification is also a piece of the puzzle?

Millions Have Already Starved to Death Resulting from Lockdowns & Supply Chain Issues

Most people are not aware that these commercial pressure washers--I had three running several days a week with subcontractors in the mix--PUMP 4.0 Gallons-per-minute of water.

That is a lot of water for a state professed to be in a once in a 150-year mega-drought!

. . . down the storm-drain and headed to a Specific Ocean or toxic laden bay nearby. 

Can you imagine if the taps go dry in a year-or-two, and we look back at how foolish we have been over concern for The Big Shity's image in regard to tourism and international shaming steaming from our lack of bowel control drug addicts/thieves at every corner?

Everywhere you look, busted-out MUNI glass at transit stops now occupied by Fenti-heads--trousers down to their knees--smoking their poison while pawing through trash and excrement, digital Clear Channel ad screens regularly smashed, graffiti elevated--not abated--to every few small businesses that manage continuing to struggle to survive.

That said, I am going to appear before the Board of Supervisors to inquire about this madness.

Hell, we have over 800+ employed by a non-profit known as Urban Alchemy on virtually every Mid-market and TL street corner:

They do seem to bridge a need in a city where police drive around and rarely make arrests; daily, hundreds gathering at UN plaza pedaling freshly stolen goods, and other than high-profile smash-and-grabs, no one seems to be prosecuted unless a weapon is involved.

After which Urban Alchemy picks up needles and clear the overnight homeless camps on our sidewalks in their first hour, they pretty much stand around for the next seven, communicating via walkie-talkie, and greeting passersby, offering directions to tourists, and so-on.

How about a 5 Gallon bucket filled with cleanser/disinfectant--after spot removal of poop--using a brush on a pole, followed by rinsing with a garden-type pump spray bottle?

. . . not rocket science, people, just some Critical Thinking and Reasoning from some Cat with a pretty straight forward degree in mass media!

Moving on: There is a Ton of Other News

Okay everyone, it is Sunday, and I will come back to this, yet here are a few things to contemplate:




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