Super Villain Claus Schwab Explains Global Takeover of the World Developing: Taking A Deeper Look at Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine USA's Military Attacks on Countries have killed Millions of Civilians


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I wanted to park this image and get to researching what is being disclosed about Covid being a part of this softening-up for a war on the US, the world, and further destabilizing of governments, institutions, and society.

For example, just look at the trauma of mask-wearing and two years of what inferior online education has done to the nation's children.

Higher rates of suicide, drug addiction. higher incidents of alcohol abuse--losing your two or three generation restaurant or family business will do that to you as the Big-box businesses flourish--by design.

Previously, the Globalists have succeeded at getting us to fight among ourselves since the 2020 BLM George Soros-funded riots and would prefer a civil war between all of these divided factions here at home.

Notice how as the Truckers in Canada stood-up & now, as US truckers undertake their Convoy to Washington DC, the powers-that-be are hurriedly moving to end the mask mandates and vaccination card requirements?

Image Credit: @RLOOPENHEIMER ["dot what" not provided...and why all caps? . . .no clue]

Actually, I will have more on the World Economic Forum [WEF=Davos Group] plan entering into the next phase. How not only conventional weapons but these US Defense Department affiliated biolabs have been positioned around Russia in Ukraine, near China's border, and the planned cyberattacks that could bring down the Internet--or worse--the grid.

Preparing for the Worst

By this, I mean have plenty of water for every family member for at least a week or ten days, food, medicine, flashlights can openers, and needs for pets, batteries, flashlights, etc.

I will be back to update this next post yet cannot get bogged-down right now. I love to write for you guys but want to get all of my laundry done just in case the power does go out.

. . .probably won't but just saying, we are in uncharted waters, no?


[Back to you: Sunday AM 2/27/2022]

TOS-1 Thermobaric Missile System Likely Next Russian Escalation

Possessing 24 launch tubes per mechanized vehicle, this Multiple Launch Rocket System [MLRS] caries a payload of missiles which are mini or tactical versions which act as the mother-of-all-bombs [MOAB] which US forces used in Iraq and Afghanistan--pushing a huge pallet of munitions out of the back of C-17 cargo planes.

. . .pretty much kills everybody sucking the air out of the lungs---also known as a vacuum bomb.

Once again, we fain outrage over invading a sovereign country when the US has spent multiple decades doing just that!

Where should I start? 

How about from the mid-eighties?

1) Reagan deploys Marines to Beirut--inserting us into a civil war--which leads to a truck bomber blowing-up a [huge tactical blunder] high-rise barracks leading to hundreds killed and injured. move? 

Withdraw the Marines and use the USS Missouri's highly inaccurate [designed to soften-up dug-in forces prior to invasion] 16" Guns to hurl shells from 15-20 miles away in the Mediterranean Ocean pulverizing entire neighborhoods killing hundreds of civilians--on both sides!

[Gotta-go but be back to finish, later Gator]

[Back Jack PM 2.28.2022]

Do as I Say Not What I Do. . .continued

2) GH Walker Bush turns on Manuel Noriega once outed as the crack epidemic is found to be a CIA drug-running operation using BCCI Bank as the money laundering operation--leading to the S&L Crisis as reported by San Jose Mercury News reporter, Gary Webb.

Webb will NOT go on to receive his Pulitzer Prize and is dead within months after publication.

The leader of Panama, General Noriega, characterized as "Panamanian Strongman Noriega" or "Pineapple-face" [He must-of had some pretty bad acne as a young man] becoming public enemy # 1; soon after, the Panama Invasion is initiated.

3) 1990 Gulf War is launched. The US Ambassador to Kuwait's daughter [supposedly just some random Kuwaiti] lies before Congress regarding ". . . pre-mature babies being dumped-out of incubators by Iraqi troops" shifting public support in favor of invading Iraq; this, after the US Ambassador to Iraq had previously stated to Saddam Hussein, "The United States has no interest in getting involved in a border dispute between Iraq & Kuwait," regarding--some 20 miles of cross-border--slant drilling or stealing Iraq oil; accordingly, Iraq invades and is double crossed by GHW Bush who really wants that oil!

4)  Alright, let us move to The Iraq Invasion [2003] Secretary of State, Colin Powell, lying before the UN about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Prior to invasion, CIA and other shadowy forces start kidnapping and killing as many as 20-40 Sunnis and Shia family members left for dead on Bagdad Street corners--weekend after weekend--in a tit-for-tat which kicked-off a civil war between Iraqis.

. . .Oh, remember Shock and Awe, the devastating bombardment of Bagdad which left thousands of combatants and civilians dead prior to invasion by the US and our coalition troops?  Follow this with use of depleted-uranium tank rounds which caused and continue to cause an horrendous increase in birth defects from breathing the dust embedded in sand and soil.

Had Enough: Not Me A Student of History

5) How about Obama's use of drones to mistakenly target wedding parties in Iraq and Syria?

6) Wrapping up, the US finally gets involved in Syria middle part of last decade--Russia pleads on the world stage to have the US stop stealing Syrian crude oil and protecting convoys which transfer the oil to Turkish and Iraqi refineries to launder the plunder.

Geez, I just went into a search for this to create the above link for you, and the story purports that this is still taking place!

Moving on: Plenty of War Coverage Being Reported by Other Outlets   Tonight We Have the State of the Union   AND China Pausing Plans of Invading Taiwan

Talk about a fully loaded news-cycle. . .I will leave you a link on that last one:

. . .Your host deems this post now toast



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