Racist Black Man Plows-down Christmas Parade Killing Many: Released Just Days After Crime Spree by Another Soros Funded DA Russia Ukraine Conflict Looking Imminent

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Frantic news-cycle requires another post at the beginning of the week.

Check this out:

Top-fold of Drudge Reports: Alleged Racist black man commits mass murder in Waukesha, WI

Note: The Sun is short on motivation or the suspect's MO and prior social media posts including all-kinds of hate speech incidents; however, As the day's events received further examination, The Daily Mail made his intentions clear 

Infowars: Soros DA Released Christmas Mass Murder Suspect Just Days Before Christmas Parade Attack

Better yet, my last post detailed the Soros-funded District Attorney of SF continuing to not prosecute violent crime: Once again both SF & Walnut Creek, CA hit by racially motivated Smash & Grabs.

Congress Person Marjorie Green: Biden and Dems Who Framed Rittenhiuse acquittal as White Supremacy Need to be Held Accountable

Bloomberg Update on Ukraine: Russia Poised for Invasion

As is often the case, we post important breaking news--let it speak for itself--getting back to my take on things in the near future.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves continuing to get our real news from--once--tabloid media outlets such as The Sun:

Once again, they fall short and continue to characterize this Pedophile Island/Lolita Express private jet that flew Former President Bill Clinton there some 23 + times as an issue of 16 & 17 year-old women.

Multiple sources cite that temple on Pedo-Island being used for childhood human-sacrifices, small watercraft regularly transporting children abducted from island nations in the Caribbean, and the role the UN played in post-hurricane Haiti--all of these are alleged--the involvement of The Clinton Crime family & Papa Bush [GHWalker Bush Crime Syndicate] played in Child-human Trafficking.

The Sun: Maxwell's Silver Hammer [never really] Reins down upon her head.

Lot's of updates--obfuscating the real story or what we call in Journalism, "'Bury-ing' the-lead." 

This story of the allegedly racist Mass Murderer will go down the rabbit-hole in the next day or two as the Globalist intelligentsia will unleash another Old White Mail doing something similar.

To Quote Jones: We Have Their Playbook and Know How They Operate 

See ya latter,


[Wed November 24th]

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving,

We just had our meal in my building and they had actual caters making for a real quality feast.

I am continuing to monitor events on the Russian Ukraine situation when I found this story in The Daily Beast:

Look at This Excerpt & A Link to the Full Story Follows

State TV propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov—notorious for boasting that “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash”—explained that Moscow’s moves are explicitly designed to affect the U.S. and NATO. On his Sunday show, Vesti Nedeli, Kiselyov said that Russia’s tests of its Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile and its recent anti-satellite test were “arguments” to reinforce Russia’s “red lines” with respect to Ukraine.

“The possibility of a local hot conflict in the Ukrainian region is higher than ever.”
— Lawmaker Oleg Morozov

Kiselyov boasted: “By stepping over the “red line,” NATO risks losing all 32 GPS satellites at once, which will blind all their missiles, planes and ships, not to mention the ground forces. Americans are paying attention to this—they can’t afford not to.”

Wow, that is pretty scary talk: Authored by Julia Davis Here is the Link

...What if they were to invade on this uniquely American, quintessential,  [US] holiday just to really rub-it-in?

Regardless, Have a joyful Thanksgiving



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