Blogging is Like an Addiction: Okay I Will Do Some Limited Posts While I Prepare for My Own Troop Movement

 Hey There Critical Thinkers with a Sharp-eye for Real News,

Some pretty cool photos from the stern of the Destroyer USS Porter; foremost, is the image captured into a sailor's Binoculars showing a reflection depicting another USN ship--yeah that is my favorite:

Wall Street Journal: Black Sea Maneuvers  Going Toe-to-Toe with The Ruskies 

Even though I have recovered one of the missing blog-posts [why that is not one word at this point and still calls for a hyphen is beyond me!] and always back-them-up for safe keeping, it is annoying; some further housekeeping learning the operating system of my new ChromeBook, I think I will drop this into Google Drive--it is kinda KOOL 106.7 how everything links-up. Google can monitor my thought patterns and online activities, I presume. 

The Big Story: Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Accordingly, this Chicago Tribune story electronically posted on MSN starts-out pretty even handed until you get about a quarter-way through the post when they conveniently omit that the car dealership Rittenhouse had been guarding had been torched the previous night--some hundred cars lost to the rioting.

You see, I stand with the Jury in that when the police lost control of the situation and withdrew for their own safety [Reasonable in that situation, and please do recall I witnessed rioting, looting, multiple-acts-arson during the Summer 2020 Insurrection--and one night from my 4th floor window an angry mob of 40-to-50 people facing-off to the dismay of trapped motorist--one of which bailed throwing a guy over fender/hood barely escaping.]

We  Have Entered The Civil War Stage of Globalist's Take-down US Plan

Last summer, I posted several videos on my YouTube channel--including the above described riot in which some motorist where trapped as rioters began banging on windows & doors until gunfire broke-out.

Okay, I will try to put-up a link to that and a couple other Drake Plays KPIX 5 TV Reporter in front of looted designer Neiman Marcus Flagship stores--including Macy's--in Union Square.

I am glad to be getting-out of The Tenderloin visa-vis my stalker who caused third degree burns to me and another resident that fled this building a year-ago; accordingly, we had a BBQ at his new place last weekend as we put uploaded almost 60 incident reports documenting her chasing him with meat cleavers, chef's knives--repeatedly threatening to "...burn any Mother F'er with Hot Chicken Grease!" if they dared to enter the community kitchen.

That said, I would not talk about it, but that was the lost post in-which I spelled-out my situation, moving forward.

I am going to start laundry before picnicking with friends; meanwhile, I will leave you this--posted by someone who heard M-40 explosions of ATMs to fund their revolution no less than rwenty-times in 2020:

KGO 7: Smash & Grab at Louis Vuitton last night in Union Square

This is going to get a lot worse as the MSM continues to be determined to fan-the-flame of racial division and make this Rittenhouse Verdict about race.

It was not the three people shot where white, one of them killed had just hit him with a skateboard, the other person shot in self-defense trained a pistol at his head, and the last person being wounded after grabbing the barrel of his AR-15.

I was a US Army Infantry Soldier and grabbing the barrel of another person's weapon requires responding with deadly force, period. back at some point, Sunday...I think

As I Have Said Before

They know the public is waking-up to these lockdowns meant to extinguish our Liberty, and they are likely to start a war, false-flag a Federal Building blaming it on a Rottinhouse psychopath, or even Alex Jones...

Jerusalem Post
: US Navy about to Deliver Patrol Boats to Ukraine

Putin's statements have been increasingly harsh in tone about ". . . Not Crossing Certain Red-lines."
and that The West is becoming bellicose--even demon-possess. I am paraphrasing; regardless, Putin even tried to reach-out to Trump several years-ago with a two or three-day PowerPoint Summit with his generals on our stealing Syrian crude-oil, atrocities  committed by our forces there and in the shared border region with Iraq--including us staging false-flags with The White Hats alleging we used chlorine gas on a hospital in that country--injuring over twenty children.

These People are at War with Humanity

Okay, this post is done.


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