Censored From YouTube: Alex Jones Interview and a Leaked Document: Blueprint for Hi Tech Censorship Starting with Jones

 Hi There Critical Thinkers,

It is Labor Day and being a blue-collar-kinda-guy for much of my life, I will not be writing as much--today--as this now has become work, fulfilling work, yet work, nonetheless.

However, I have a special presentation for you:

Yesterday, I stumbled-upon an interview that was banned from YouTube last month; emphatically, I want those who have shaped their understanding or opinion about Alex Jones from MSM accounts and late-night TV comedians' disinformation and propaganda to actually watch and evaluate what is being said.

. . . I find most who have the strongest opinions about infowars.com to have never been to the site or only have seen some of his memes [the gay frogs bit being the classic-case.] Here is the deal:

For instance, there is Jones the showman who used to earn tens-of-thousands a month from monetized YouTube outtakes or skits from his own show shared on FB, The Gram, or Twitter; by comparison, there is the investigative journalism & news outlet with some 80 employees--about 15 of those being reporters--who go around the world to cover stories, many of whom have their own talk shows before Jones' slot and afterwards, well into the evening.

Try just the first twenty minutes of the interview, and I highly doubt you will want to pull yourself away; by that point, Jones has outlined the [declassified in April of 2000 when I first became aware of the False-flag "Operation Northwoods" while ABC Nightly News was reporting on it] use of covert operations, Eugenics beginnings under the funding and direction of the robber barons of the Late 19th Century, the origins of the CIA being a result of "Operation Paperclip" which saw the importation of some 30,000 Nazi Scientist as WW II came to a close, and a chronological breakdown of how we are being enslaved.

Building Our Very Own Digital Gulag: The Great Reset

Continuing with the Gulf of Tonkin/USS Maddox [1964,] the false-flag which created the premise for escalation in Vietnam. Next, Jeffery Epstein, mind control and the use of LSD, providing children--or at least teenagers--to entrap many of the World's most powerful people to manipulate and/or blackmail, and control them using what intelligence agencies describe as a "Honey Pot."

All of the above is covered in just the first twenty minutes!

A truly remarkable interview by Jake Ducey. The table now set, the rest of the interview deals with our current situation that portends to take away US sovereignty, institute internal medical passports, and biometrics in relation to a Communist China's social credit score being readied for use in the US.

Happy Labor Day and enjoy this video that makes sense of The Great Reset [25:10m] we are experiencing:

How the New World Order is Being Implemented in real time and how we got here [105m]

Added Holiday Bonus: The Playbook on Big Tech Censorship

This is the handbook produced by George Soros funded group, Democracy Matters.

    Note the partially visible timeline 2017-2020 along the right edge of the cover 

Marked Confidential, this several days summit brought together representatives of the mainstream media giants, high tech platform chief officers, top-tier leaders from academia and major corporations on how they were going to censor the emerging thought leaders of alternative media--as they put it--in the aftermath of the 2016 election, "...to never let this ever happen again." 

. . . a truly remarkable read which mimics--almost identically--how the destruction of the 1st amendment has been executed over the last five years:

Obtained by Asra Nomani Investigations: Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action...Censorship


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