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Hi Critical Thinking & Reasoning Visitors,

As usual, we deal with the scientific or vetted evidence, going around big tech censorship, bringing you the latest evidence that the Covid lock-downs having been by design about bringing the United States into a collapse--on multiple fronts--ushering-in world government.

Peer Reviewed Study: COVID is a BIOWEAPON

Keeping with tradition at CT&Reasoning, I usually start a new blog post with a few news items collected since the last post, continuing to ferret-out breaking news and statistical data, completing the blog post over a period of several day.

This morning a planetary cyber-attack is underway; naturally, we predicted this was coming along with the Internet Kill Switch being implemented if all of the censorship or the public being Not allowed to organize against this high-tech authoritarian takeover--outlined in the World Economic Forum and hundreds of other documents from globalist organizations--continues to unravel, losing control of the narrative.


We Are Awake: Fear is Being Used to Make You Obey

Being held hostage, experiencing symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, how do we break-out of our virtual & digital prison planet?


Read the Nuremberg Code & Begin to Organize & Resist Tyranny

According to the CSU, I am a trained media scholar [SFSU's words not mine,] in studying and researching materials, websites, and data regarding the quality and worthiness of information. 


Specifically, BECA 300 was a prerequisite upon entering my junior year at San Francisco State before moving forward with not only the hands-on TV, Radio, and Electronic Journalistic News gathering and production classes, but ongoing classes in Mass Media theory and Media Aesthetics. Moreover, these courses were steeped in media ethics, analysis of not only the credibility of the narrative or what information is being presented, but the ethos, and how to gauge or measure information.


A good chunk of one afternoon's BECA 300 class had been study of the Nuremberg Code.  


Full Disclosure @ CT Reasoning is the Norm

Despite potential damage to my own brand, it is important to give credit where credit is due; accordingly, provided the link to a PDF with the ten key aspects of the code, yet, the code has been at the heart of the wider-spread posting of it by many sites over the past few months. Alex Jones' states, people need not accredit his site, but his stream starts my research, each morning.

Admittedly, I do go to the formerly--and sold three years ago--once characterized as Conservative or Libertarian in it's ordering of the stories and unflattering images and headlines:


The Drudge Report

However, that bias is a long-ago thing of the past.


Also, Russian-based Sputnik and RT News are checked daily, and let me remind people that wherever you are coming from politically or within our own media-bubble, what can be described as the bottom-fold [print media jargon related to the days of newspapers] of Drudge does have links to Rolling Stone, Salon, Mother Jones, The Nation and plenty of what is characterized far-left leaning media.

. . .and pretty much every local, regional, or still surviving newspaper--not only in the US but world-wide--major market TV, Radio, and additional websites links, included.

Point being, Drudge--the decades-long once #1 aggregate news website in the world remains a Top-Ten site and worthy of consideration for getting a look at what is unfolding, nationally, and globally.


By the way, I subscribed to both The Nation & Mother Jones, & was a member of the ACLU as civil libertarian in Portland while fighting the Drug War, working to legalize medical marijuana, and fight censorship--among other Liberty-minded issues; concerned about the impact upon people in Portland & SW Washington that decade-and-a-half struggle lead to my nomination and run for the US House--1st District Oregon--in 2006.  

 . . . unfortunately, many times few attended our events in the "Go-Go Nineties" or seemed to care about unarmed motorist--many of ethnicity or low income in Portland's three major counties--being gunned-down by Portland PD and Sheriff officers, no-knock raids, or property confiscation prior to conviction.


Please, seek-out your own news and preferred sites; hopefully, most CT&R readers do not rely solely  on what is curated--via the unique algorithm from spying on you--sent to your smartphone [edited to fit not only your interests but the pro-globalist narrative,] from Apple News, Facebook, and all the other social media big tech censorship behemoths; housekeeping and full-disclosure aside, let us get back to content!

[ be continued]


Back at it: July 23, 2021 (13:00 PDT)


Hello CT&Reasoning Aficionados,


Has everyone noticed the steady drumbeat of proposing either vaccine passports, installing QR codes on your spy-device [smartphone people!] to prove vaccine status in order to attend large venues, restaurants, or travel?


This news item just: NFL's first casualty to their draconian forced vaccination agenda disclosed yesterday:

NFL News: Sanctions Forfeitures Arm-twisting




This week, talk of students being back in masks this Fall, riots across Europe against new lock-down orders, and an all-out push to pump pro-vax propaganda across all media platforms is everywhere.

 . . . gee, did I mention our reoccurring topics at SFSU regarding the Father of Public Relations, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud?

Obviously, people are waking up to how we are being manipulated. I urge readers to go back through previous post on these experimental vaccines causing neurological disorders, blood clots, fetuses to detach from the uterus--spontaneous miscarriage--across the globe.


As supply chains breakdown, inflation expands, precipitation or the water/hydrological cycle is altered by geoengineering, and society begins to collapse, soon we will be subjected to forced inoculation.   


How are all of these cases of people testing positive who have been vaccinated to be explained?

How is it people who are vaccinated are concerned about the 30% of US citizens who are not fully vaccinated? does this work?  


How does 200,000 thousand people continue to pour across our southern border--rarely given any media coverage--every month without any Covid testing, yet within days of arrival and after being housed in those cages, NGO's such as Catholic Charities complete the smuggling process providing debit cards as they are driven or flown into all 50 states.

This is called an invasion with folks who will become our replacement workers--the ones not sold into sexual slavery.

 ...and of course, none of these people are terrorist starting forest fires, for example, or engaged in bring about our demise, right?


[From 7. 24. 2021: Posted PM 7. 25. 2021]

. . .one last thing...

Video & Twitter Feeds From Around the Globe:

I have seen only one quick local station show footage of the anti-lock-down protests going on in Europe and Internationally. 

 Stay Tuned: As I said at the beginning of the lockdown.... 

We Are Going to Be So Sorry We Bought into This




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