Bombshell: Dr. Fauchi & Peter Daszak Funded & Covered-up Pandemics Origin SF Crime Surge Fueled By Judicial Reform An Example of the Violence Set to Spread to Your Neighborhood


 Welcome Back Critical Thinkers,

Judging by both of these preliminary pieces of media I am posting at the onset, I do not think I need to use the word "allegedly" in this post's title.

May 10, 2021 Censored Tucker Carlson Episode: Tony Fauchi & Peter Daszak caused the epidemic

NY Post June 4, 2021: Peter Daszak: the nonprofit exec who sent taxpayer money to the Wuhan Lab 

In fact, I am not a big fan of Fox News, either, and have plans to take one of my "CNN is Fake News" shirts to have my screen printer add:

. . .Fox (Faux) News is Fake News Too!

So, as I many times do on these posts, I start them with a couple of items or links for you to digest and come-back to it--returning to the post in real-time; thereby, my readers can observe the creative process--adding more content over a period of days.

. . .actually, it never fails that I find the initial proofreading to be flawed when I see how things sized-up on my smartphone!

Regardless, I used to hate proofreading in my initial writing endeavors at community college, yet nowadays, find revisions, editing, and the several proofreading techniques employed to be the funnest [sic] part of the process!

If You Haven't had a Chance to Take a Look at the (15:46m) Tucker Carlson Excerpt and Concise NY Post Story--Do It Now--The Facts Will Floor You

It is absolutely astounding that both Dr. Fauchi's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NIAID] under which he operates the National Institute of Health [NIH,] are responsible for all of small businesses and restaurants lost, children having missed three semesters of school, and the--finally reported by the MSM over the last week--huge up-tick in suicides, drug overdoses, and domestic violence.

Anyone with a decent HS education or a year-or-two of college could have predicted that such results would be the probable outcome of this once in our life-time event.

[ be continued]

[July 12, 2021 (19:15 PM PDT) Back in the US. . . Back in the US. . . (feels like) I Am Back in the USSR]

Hey Fellow Travelers Who Also Are Considering This is Akin to a Communist Take-over of The United States

First-off, how about some comic relief from someone who has avoided de-platforming on YouTube and other big tech censors of political discourse due to the decades-ago SCOTUS landmark-ruling regarding parody and the 1st Amendment. It is only 2:46m in length, and JP has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, producing cleaver satirical pieces we have posted on CT&Reasoning before: 

We Are Staring Down a Eugenics Cult Trying to Harm Your Family

Dr. Fauchi, remains free to go on this last Sunday's TV morning shows stating we "may need to wear mask, seasonally" for years to come.
Meanwhile, I am watching mockingbird-media--CIA controlled--CNN, interviewing doctors stating people, ". . .need to be forcible vaccinated." the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, stating last week that "Strike Forces" will be coming to unvaccinated peoples' homes!
Let me guess:
We will have a bunch of brainwashed social justice warriors [SJW] who will be given a uniform and a badge to go door-to-door; you know the ones, who tell us how to think, censor oppositional viewpoints, push Critical Race Theory [CRT,] teach Cultural Marxism [BECA 321,] and ignore all of these people dying from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and other neurological disorders after getting The Jab.
These same people--or non-critical thinking & reasoning-types, who dance on TV--seems like every quarter-hour on daytime TV-- to a plagiarized "Na-na Hey-hey Kiss Him Goodbye" public service announcement; not surprisingly, one of the three PBS HDTV local broadcasts in the Bay Area, runs programming from shows about historic racial injustices produced over the last forty years if nothing but 24/7.

Once Legendary SF Chronicle Still Gets It Right Once & Awhile

Let me get this straight:

If you immediately let people out of jail after booking them--even violent criminals without bail--they know there is little reason to be compelled to show-up for your court date; for the same reason, why would alleged suspect expect to be not set free after being issued a failure-to-appear warrant? 

Hello. . . Is Anybody in There?  

I will leave readers with this link to a story that was Top-fold on the print edition that I saw while on my way about The City today.

Just as the lame-stream media turns a blind eye to the black-on-black crime in cities like Chicago [nearly one-hundred shooting deaths on an average weekend,] the MSM continues to fan the fuel of Hate by ignoring the epidemic of attacks on Old White Males; instead, focusing on the sexier hate crimes on our Asian American Pacific Islander [AAPI] population.

The escalation of senseless attacks on--many times--older Asian-Americans is quite real, and of course, we feel empathy for those victim; however, I just came back from an appointment to get some resources to deal with the fear & anxiety I now experience every time I exit my single-room-occupancy [SRO] door.

Having been impacted by what I described as my Juneteenth Beating in an earlier post, I was slugged in the face, head, and shoulder by an assailant on a MUNI Bus between Powell [The Cable Car Turntable you tourist, & We know you are out there!] and 4th on Market Street.
This, after just saying, "excuse me" to a zombie with earbuds-in while blocking the Clipper Card reader--mesmerized on his device--the man half-my-age approached me, hurling racial epithets; assuming he knows would be immune from facing justice, the man, rushed towards the front of the bus. 
My Famous Last Words?
"You're not going to beat-up a disabled senior citizen while he is sitting-down, are you?"

As the onslaught was about to begin, the MUNI operator was able to get on the PA and asked the man to sit-down which gave me time to mace him; however, it took a few seconds to have an effect and he grazed--and landed--five or six punches.

Fortunately, I have completely healed--physically; that said, having had experienced an already heightened sense of anxiety brought-upon after enduring several assaults from and, now, threats to kill me from my drug-addicted neighbor, the breakdown in society, comes home to roosts in an all to personal fashion.

Despite a restraining order granted in my favor [September 2019] by The Superior Court of California, she continues to stalk me; regardless, after 11 violations, she is now being emboldened by her lack of arrest, threatening to kill me, regularly. 
. . .Regularly, I pray for "Ms. Jones" who suffers from an apparent multiple personality issues.

Her latest quotes are "You's an old white man...that's why you like you is." And, I find this next one rather generic--preferring the first one as much more benign:
"I Wish All White People Were Dead!"

 Thanks Mainstream Media

I had to stop calling the police as they made it clear--I have built some rapport with several officers as a neighborhood homeless advocate and weekly food bank volunteer--they are not being allowed to make an arrest due to our George Soros-funded DA, Chesa Boudin, who is facing recall and was raised by Weather Underground Terrorists, Bill Ayers & Bernadette Dorn. 

Just An Example of What Has Been Planned for a Neighborhood Near You 

Is under recall for largely destroying our small businesses, restaurants, and tourism sector--Governor Newsome-lean-E--still planning-on releasing 76,000 violent inmates from the California Prisons?

. . . may have been put on-hold for the time being.
Let me leave you with this:
The threat to our republic is real, and I urge you to take the necessary precautions to be ready for if the Internet kill-switch or, otherwise, the Grid goes down, Strike-force begins incarcerating those continue to resist taking the vaccines, or what I think may be the endgame:

Release a much more deadly bioweapon resulting in a Chinese-lead UN invasion to secure our nuclear weapons from the out-of-control United States plagued by false-flag mass-shooting.

We Are Under Attack By Enemies Foreign & Domestic

Please plan accordingly:

I took an Oath on June 2nd, 1981 at The US Army Induction Center in Oakland, California before entering Infantry School at Ft. Benning, GA; accordingly, that oath never expires.
Obviously, I have zero intention of being a combatant and will not be making a fool of myself--becoming a casualty--running around with other barrel-belied aging-tail-end boomers or militia members limping on my gout-addled feet--unable to dig a defensive fighting position for the life-of-me.

...just not up to it!

Instead, I will try to continue to pursue the role of electronic investigative journalist--more of an elder statesman social commentator type--working with you towards foiling this attack on our God-given rights, Jeffersonian ideals, and Bill of Rights.

Let us hope, The States prevail in what is shaping-up to be a battle afforded us in The Constitution against a tyrannical out-of-control Federal [central] Government.






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