Putin Saber Rattling China's Xi Jinping Announces Unification of Taiwan Imminent Invasion Plans Leaked


Good Morning AND Happy (Almost) Thomas Jefferson Day,

The furious pace of the news-cycle does not disappoint as a new month of tyranny, confusion, and hi- tech censorship worsens; undoubtedly, I am convinced that I made the right decision to slow my spending and focus on creation of a web-based voice-over firm--instead demonstrating my understanding of geopolitical issues, military matters, and what is spiraling-into the end of the Old World Order, what we used to refer to as The West, and resulting or pending collapse of The United States of America.

Where do we start?

Well, perhaps we should begin with Russian leader Putin's proclamation that the US is finished being the leader of a Uni-polar world, he will defeat our military if we continue to cross certain lines-in-the-sand, and Communist China's, Xi Jinping, declaring the ChiComs forthcoming dominance on the world stage.

Was this a reference to the mysterious underwater explosion we reported on regarding The USS Gerald Ford last month?


Russian fighter jets swooped over a Dutch warship
Russian fighter jets swooped over a Dutch warshipCredit: Ministerie van Defensie

Fighters armed with air-to-surface missile swooped over the HNLMS Eversten in an incident that lasted five hours last Thursday, the Dutch defence ministry said.

The warship also had its onboard electronic systems jammed.

Dutch defense minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten said the "aggressive act" would "needlessly increase the chance of accidents".

Tensions between the West and Russia have increased over the past few months.

On June 19, a Russian fleet sunk an aircraft carrier and ventured within 35 miles of Hawaii during the biggest war games since the end of the Cold War.

Russia's defence ministry said the drills took place some 300 miles off the coast of Hawaii, however unconfirmed satellite images appear to show them blowing up an aircraft carrier 35 nautical miles away from the US state.

In response, Moscow launched a highly-secretive new nuke and tested military jets carrying hypersonic missiles as NATO nations begin war games in the Black Sea.

The mystery ballistic missile took off from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the vast country's northwest, the TASS news agency reported earlier this morning.

It cited an unnamed defence source from within the Kremlin who claimed the top secret operation took place sometime mid-June.

Reports say the ICBM - named Kedr - was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (MITT) and comes in both mobile and silo-based variants.


It is clear to me who follow these things on a daily basis that there is a high probability that this testing of the nuke may have been what was dropped in front of the British Destroyer, HMS Defender, that strayed into Crimean waters. The UK defending the action with the Red Herring or non-sequitur that the ship "...was in Ukrainian waters" as if the vote by Crimeans' to rejoin Russia had not taken place several years ago.

Poking the Bear: Would We Be OK With War Games in Baja California?

Does anyone else see that if these two team-up to engage us militarily--throw-in other bad actors such as North Korea attacking South Korea or Japan and Iran's Mullahs attacking Israel while the US is involved in a multi-front war--that we will get our ass kicked?

...and why do I have to get my military news of war games and troop deployments from tabloid sites such as The Sun and The Star ?

Because The Media Has Dissolved Into State-Run Propaganda

For example, when I go to Drudge Report, CNN, or Fox, these sites are filled with on-going stories of the January 6th Insurrection [Critical Thinking & Reasoning (CT&R) reported on the FBI having planned and executed the breach of The Capital,] some new indictment involving Trump organizations mishandling or tax avoidance regarding perks such as rental cars or housing benefits for several employees, and of course Kim Kardashian's ass and Bruce Gender.
Alright, CT&R readers, there are a lot of hyperlinks regarding these military moves to digest. Perhaps, I focus to much on these war games and have included links back to important recent posts from CT&R but let me remind you:

Military Maneuvers Almost Always Are Used as Cover for an Impending Attack 

For instance, while in the US Army Infantry in Cold War early 1980's Germany:
When we went on alerts and Third Armored Division or my mechanized brigade deployed to forward positions--for whatever reason--the Soviet Union countered with troop movements of their own on the other-side of The Iron Curtain.
I am not predicting an attack, but with us in a virtual state of civil war and having had these lock-downs destabilize our country's economy from these globalist domestic enemies--the odds of a fiercely  executed conflict appear to be at hand.
[ ...to be continued]

[Back at it: 7.2.2021 20:00 (PDT)]
Being back at my keyboard was not the plan tonight. 

A couple of things have developed since yesterday's post; namely, that there is new information on both the war games in The Pacific Ocean and The Black Sea--now Russia is also carrying-out maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea!
First, let me post a story I saved from June 30, 2021 yet neglected to post; obviously, the story (s) above have much more flash-bang with all of the images of military nomenclature. That said--and in light of my comments several paragraphs ago about the possibility of Japan and S Korea being sucked-into any South China Sea conflict--this article gives us a keen insight on how such an invasion of Taiwan could quickly expand into the Sea of Japan.
...and even--although not mentioned--Russian forces to the north of there, for that matter.

Here is the story that sets-the-table for the new information I have for you--adding needed context going forward:

...alarmed yet?

Be A-Lert:  We Need More Lerts

[Disclosure: I think that is plagiarized from a cartoon within one of a mid-1970's Playboy magazines kept in one of my forts located near the banks of the American River, Carmichael, CA]
Wrapping-up so I can have my delicious, Drake's Cali Guacamole Dip, and pair that with some Trader Joe's antipasto, here is the latest on the ramping-up of hostilities:
Yeah, another cyber attack underway and talk of an internet shutdown on July 9th.
Source: my media colleague from Portland, Clyde Lewis' show, Ground Zero [available where you get your podcasts.]
Would not the symbolism of a July 4th attack be a strong possibility with our confused and disoriented leader?
Today, close of business, President Biden refused a question from reporters regarding the Afghan draw-down, stating, he "...just wants to celebrate the holiday," presumably, to go home for his nap this late afternoon? 

Hoping to BBQ some burgers at the beach, and wishing all a Happy Thomas Jefferson Day,

Bonus Video: Mark Dice, Video Analyst: Talking With Clueless Californians About the Origins of The Declaration of Independence [otherwise known as The 4th of July]







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