Societal Collapse Front & Center in SF Tensions Remain High Regarding Taiwan Nuremberg 2.0: Fighting Back Against Genocide

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As usual, the lame-stream media hypes "Covid-Covid-Covid" as we here at Critical Thinking & Reasoning ferret through the news-cycle to bring actual International, National, Regional, and even occasional news of the Bay Area; more specifically, what an absolute laughing-stock and dangerous place San Francisco has become! 

Once again, the tourist buses are full, the dealers play a game of cat and mouse with the cops, and poop is being cleaned-up everywhere, 24/7.

My question as someone who owned a pressure washing and deck staining company for almost eight years in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA?

What will they do as this drought worsens and someone--finally--someone has the balls to proclaim,"Stop pumping water down storm drains at a rate of 3.5 or 4 Gallons Per Minute and deal with these drug addicts!"

SF Gate: Fentanyl Epidemic Ravages The City Amid Returning Tourists

ABC KGO 7: We See This Everyday as Hundreds Gather Daily at UN Plaza Selling Stolen Goods



 Real News: We Are About to Go From A Silent Weapon Cyber-Unconventional 21st Century War to a Shooting War With China Russia...Maybe Both


Sputnik: USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Task Force Enters South China Sea 


 In this photo provided by U.S. Navy, USS Nimitz (CVN 68) steams alongside the Navy's only forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76, not in photo) in the South China Sea, Monday, July 6, 2020.Nimitz Class CVN 68 Viewed From CVN 76: The carrier and its air wing are accompanied in their mission by a squadron of warships including the USS Shiloh Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser and the USS Halsey Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer.

Bloomberg Taipei: ChiComs Send 28 Military Aircraft Into Disputed Taiwanese Defense Zone Amid massive Exercise

I will take a break for now [June 15, 2021(16:30 PDT)]  

However, I will leave you this just over six minute video that sheds light on the globalist eugenics program being conducted against the world's population and gives us hope.

Breaking: Hundreds of Doctors Lawyers &Medical Experts Have Started Legal Proceedings Levied Against CDC, WHO, and The Davos Group to Expose Global Genocide 


 [Back Jack 6.15.2021 (19:00 PDT)]

As They Used to Say at 93 KHJ: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Putting back on my armchair defense analyst hat, here is another story on the schism regarding our wobbly guardian of the southern-flank of NATO and Turkey's insistence of purchasing Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile batteries that compromise the air superiority [questionable] of the US F-35 Fighter.

In this case, war games meant to counter China's growing economic and military influence in North and Saharan Africa, are seen as controversial as the US tries to shore-up influence in Morocco--allied with the west since England and US Forces routed German Field General Rommel in the closing years of WW II.


Breaking June 16th 2021: Russian War Games 300m West of Hawaii

Hi Again Everyone,

Oftentimes, I choose not to bury a few days-old post with a new one--especially, if the big stories breaking are of similar nature to the topics discussed previously; instead, I like to always be clear that it is another day, and I am adding new related information.

Case-in-point, and obviously timed to coincide with the Biden/Putin Summit in Geneva, Russia began a coordinated naval and air exercise which resulted in F-22's to be scrambled and a US carrier battle group to withdraw from the region. 

Grabbing this story--once again we are forced to rely on outlets like the Sun due to our collapsing mainstream media--I will continue some blogging tonight, locate additional sources, and am quite alarmed at the continued forward deployment of Russian, Chinese, and even now several Iranian warships plying the pacific to supply what is believed to be armaments to Venezuela.
Please note, CT&Reasoning reported last Fall (?) on the deployment of several Strategic Tu-22 Backfire Bombers on permanent rotation in Venezuela.  




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