Russian Wargames Now 35 Miles Off Hawaii Russia Demands UK Stop Black Sea Incursions Condo in Florida Looks Like A Planned Demolition Taiwan FM Says Prepare for War


Hello Critical Thinking and Reasoning Consumers,

Did anyone see the big story on the USS Gerald R. Ford taking-on or surviving what reports characterized as a hit after a huge underwater explosion? The new super carrier is nearing deployment after what seems like nearly a year of sea trials.

With everything that is going on with India having to deal with a ChiCom build-up on it's border, naval exercises with the US, and its allies in the south China Seas, and the Russian military's forward deployment in the arctic...

Would it be far-fetched to say that The USS Gerald R. Ford or a submarine or another surface ship used the depth-charge or a nuclear device to destroy a submarine (?) preparing to attack the USS Ford?

It is my contention--we play armchair defense analyst at CT&Reasoning--we are already in a silent 21st Century state of war as defined by all of these infrastructure & ransomware [Just days-a-go, Iran's sole nuclear power plant mysteriously shut-down causing widespread power outages] attacks and defense zones being penetrated in Taiwan; moreover, our own F-22's scrambling to intercept Russian strategic bombers off Alaska, California, and now, Hawaii.


Russia and China were both flexing their military might with provocative war games in the Pacific, stepping up the pressure on Biden as he met with G7 allies in the UK and Putin in Geneva 

Image courtesy Harriet Alexander at The Daily Mail

Maybe...maybe, the whole Biden-Putin summit was an attempt to ratchet-down what looks increasingly like what is ramping-up--on the path to a shooting-war?

Previously, I have written entire blog posts on both the ChiComs operations off the coast of Taiwan, Russia creating a first-strike capability in The Arctic, and other military moves involving Ukraine.

[...too be continued] 


[And We Are Back: June 24, 2021 (10:45 AM PDT)] 

Returning to my site today, I began scanning the days news. Alarmed, I finished-up my morning worship, ate my first course of fruit, and wanted to earmark this morning and early afternoon to complete this post.


 Sensing the Danger: I Knew What Two Items Would Complete the Title

Really scary developments suggest we are on the brink of a global conflict; accordingly, we have taken a look at the 21st Century silent cyber/info war which has been going-on around us over the last few years or so with Rods From Gods [kinetic satellite space-based weapons several of our competing superpowers also posses] the chief suspect in several refinery attacks in China and Houston, the ramping-up of using electronic hacks dating back to the USS Donald Cook becoming dead-in-the-water for better-part of a say, a few years-ago in the Black Sea, and now all of these recent cyber attacks on our energy sector and other infrastructure this year.

Within the article, I found this, and if the above article is too lengthy, here is the story in a nutshell with a link to a much shorter article directing you to The Hill and Forbes:

Cyberattacks and Ransomware plots took center stage at the recent summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Biden reportedly gave Putin a list of 16 critical American infrastructure sectors that White House wants Russia to accept as “off limits” from cyberattacks, including energy and water utilities. Putin, meanwhile, said Russia had nothing to do with the Continental Pipeline attack and instead claimed the United States is responsible for most of the world’s cyberattacks.
Question: Why would President Biden handover to Putin what critical infrastructure to attack?

Last post, CT&Reasoning reported on Iran's sole nuclear power plant going-down, and just as I speculated that the supposed simulated attack involving what appeared to be some kind of small--yield nuclear blast or a submerged Mother of All Bombs [MOAB] of sorts used against The USS Gerald R. Ford (?)

...nothing to see here: just part of the planned sea-trials continuing aboard The USS Gerald R. Ford; yet, taking-in what has been going-down militarily over the last few days, my speculation laid-out in the first three paragraphs floats the supposition that this story on our new class of aircraft carrier may have been disinformation.

I am jumping-around a bit, but try to stay with me as I am laying-out for you a pattern and connecting of the dots; evidently, we have been in a low-intensity conflict on multiple fronts for years now. Regardless, it seems clear to me that this Biden-Putin Summit was an attempt to step-away from an all-out Third World War.

In fact, so many in the public square, online, and virtually all of talk radio are discussing not only the virus coming from the Wuhan Virology Institute in Wuhan, but that many have hardened their resolve to not only don't succumb to pressure to take the vaccines but voicing concerns it is--indeed--a bioweapon to make us sick and dramatically lower the population!

...what better false-flag than a multi-country conflict to shift the narrative as the public and even an increasing number of the media are awakening to the poisoning and mass genocide that we are under on multiple fronts--not just the vaccines.

...Oh, here is something of the sort: Gee, looks like what was used on The World Trade Center--even repeating the pancaking theory discredited by many thousand of members of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:


Watch Flash From Explosives [squibs] This Building is Being Pulled


Sputnik: Video of Surfside, FL condos share similar characteristics with planned demolitions such as seen in Oklahoma City (1994) and the Twin Towers in 2001[...and Building 7, right?] I watched this numerous times until I noticed about 10 flashes at the on-set of the pull beginning.

Red Alert: Russia Warns UK It Will Act Militarily AND Taiwan Signaling War is Imminent 

Here is an Excerpt that makes my summation regarding the USS Gerald R. Ford seem increasingly plausible:
Ryabkov, referring to Moscow's version of events in which a Russian aircraft bombed the path of the British destroyer, said that in future bombs would be sent "not only in its path, but also on target."
Unlike globalist controlled Reuters, Sputnik provides a much keener insight into what is happening in The Black Sea--Crimea home to Russia's  Black Sea Fleet--which includes Strategic Nuclear Submarines and their ordinance [SLBMs.]
...hover and click that CNN is not showing-up on my screen as a blue hyperlink (?)
Okay, my friends, that is a lot to digest and other than coming back for further proofreading, this post is completed. 
 ...Uhhh, Not So Fast--Here We Go Again:

BREAKING: Sputnik 6.26.2021 Days After Black Sea Incident Russian Navy Plans Missile Drills Near Britain's Flagship Carrier
...and Just for Shit & Giggles, here is the latest racist gaffe from The Grand-paw & Chief:
[I try not to be partisan, and we all have our own media bias, big-tech algorithm, and Bay Area bubble--in my case--yet, this fool needs to step-down, okay?]

Already, VP Harris is stepping-up her game and schedule on the world stage, clearly, he will be ushered-out of his 7PM hot milk bed-ie-bye--sip-e cup included before years' end.
Good Lord, get out my Ashland, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Tee-shirt--The World is a stage!