Breaking: Moderna Vaccine Insert Reveals Toxic SM-102 Poison Defending Infowars as Eugenics Vaccine Program Showing Results

Greetings Everyone,

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am seeing a massive uptick in deaths of those in upper-age or with co-morbidity [other chronic illnesses,] and those of child-bearing age losing their ability to be empragnated or having a miscarriage after taking these experimental vaccines. [8:31m] They Lied and People Died: News Report After TV News Report of Vaccine Deaths

Preview: Moderna Insert & Material Safety Data Sheets Featured in Upcoming Video Reveal SM-102 is Poisonous to Humans 

[Back Jack:  PM May 27th, 2021]

Hello Again Everyone,

I have had a few things arrive on my plate the last two weeks, yet have been archiving news stories on a variety of fronts we tend to drill-down-on at Creative Thinking and Reasoning:

Namely, the military escalations are accelerating regarding--primarily--Russia and China, the absolute amplification of people getting extremely ill and dying after taking the vaccines, and the reversal of what myself and many of my colleagues in alternative media have been contending for well over seventeen months:

The Covid-19 Virus Originated at The Wuhan Institute of Virology

…not some exotic wet market resulting from eating those bats!

So, as The Black Eyed Peas Said, "Let's Get It Started." 

First, I know many would never believe anything from after over four years of nonstop attacks on the front pages of dinosaur mainstream media [MSM] and their digital or on-site versions; moreover, the popular alternative news site became at nightly punching bags for late night comedians.

After years of ignoring the rising popularity of Alex Jones and the phenomenal growth from sharing of his content on Facebook & The Instagram--resulting in tens of millions of YouTube views which further boosted his Reach and influence--the mainstream media was losing the narrative. 

Consequently, MSM went on full attack mode following the 2016 Election. Increasingly, the rigged algorithms of Big Tech now only allowing negative posts; for the same reason, Jones was the first test-case for what now has become the shadow-banning or worse yet, the removal of thousands of websites of Christians, Patriots, 2nd amendment supporters, and a plethora of once popular YouTube shows. 

The Central Talking Point Across All Platforms: Gay Frogs

The constant repeating of The Alex Jones "'Gay Frogs' comedy bit" was always played out of context, editing-out and failing to mention the mainstream articles Jones produced regarding the damage to aquatic life from farming fertilizers--front and center, the herbicide glyphosate marketed as Roundup and manufactured by Monsanto.

. . . That's Right! Bill Gates the largest owner of farmland in the US is also heavily invested in the company [now acquired by Bayer the German pharmaceutical giant which produced Zyklon B.]

Equally important, the original Infowars investigative report, included outtakes from a TV documentary featuring a team of scientists conducting research in Gulf Coast estuaries. In one interview, the lead researcher explaining runoff feeding-into The Mississippi River contained toxic amounts of the herbicide and was responsible for harming plant life and deforming amphibians' reproductive organs. 

Without reservation, the scientist explains that after prolonged exposure, male frogs do not recognize females, and vice-versa; nevertheless, the Gay Frogs meme went viral and boosted Jones' profile just as netizens tipped-the-scale--a majority rejecting MSM curated content increasingly seen as biased and unreliable. Jones has maintained a strong following, but lost a lot of the "eyeballs" or what we call, Reach; undoubtedly, the lost income from being demonetized and eventually being banned from those platforms shortly after the 2016 election--even many think he has been removed from the Internet--the crippling propaganda campaign, weakening his media operation. not get me started on my impromptu debate with a grad student from Berkeley--way smarter than me--in our Broadcast & Electronic News class [BECA 460,] back in Spring Semester 2018; inappropriately, she showed the 140+ student lecture class that famous clip from 2014--doctored to look grainy and with poor resolution--professing Jones was "A 'Fake News' kook." I stood-up in a citizen journalist shirt and explained to the class that, "...Jones had built a media empire that overtook the narrative of the mainstream news around 2015/2016, at the time employing over one-hundred people--including sending some 22 reporters around the world to field news reports via satellite--and had production values [never missing a beat in what we call video aesthetics,] that equaled, CNN, Fox, and what used to be referred to as The Big Three: NBC, ABC, and CBS!"

It is Important to Cite Sources & Jones Broke the Story

So, like it or not:

Accordingly, you probably will require a shot-of-Jack or a strong something-or-other after watching that, and I can assure you this has been picked-up and spread around by within alternative media I respect, while local Bay Area TV continues with Marsha-Marsha-Mar

Uhh, Covid-Covid-Covid & pushing to go get vaccinated

[May 28, 2021]

So, I have done what is called Burying the Lead in journalism, but I needed to set-up that no one has done more to expose all of these mass casualties than Jones. Therefore, I have decided to delete most of my planned post and just put several more of their excellent reports:

Announcement: I Resigned from the Radio & TV Digital News Association

In disbelief, after much thought and several months of watching what were the most bizarre distortion of journalism standards on webinars urging social justice warriors to push their agenda disguised as Framing the Issue or Creating the Narrative, I notified Membership Director, Karen Hansen, of my disgust.

I have removed the organization from my business cards. 

At the time, as a member of the College Students in Broadcasting Club and News Director of streaming radio station, KSFS San Francisco, joining was a no brainer for Journalism & BECA majors interested in the news-side.

[The RTNDA is the broadcast and electronic news equivalent of what the Society of Professional Journalists [SPJ] is to print journalism.]



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