Iconic Cinerama Dome Theater Scheduled for Closing


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Why not take a break from the daily doom & gloom news cycle and increasing evidence that this plandedDemic was engineered to bring about an end to the nation/state, usher-in world government after a significant die-off or culling-of-the-herd, and digital currency replacing the dollar--Chinese-style censorship and leadership globally the end game.

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...obviously, things have changed, chronicled by the even 20 year-old article above hyperlinked (1992) LA Times story!

So, on that bright note:
I am taking a trip back to a simpler time and place as a little boy, in Hollywood. At the time, Actors, [Aunt/Uncle] Paula and Phil were in Europe that summer, so dad who had befriended them during his early-to-late fifties Hollywood TV career lucked-out--as we said at the time--transitioning, Cali-wise, back to SoCal.
House-hunting over the Summer of 1965, we settled on a modest Brentwood house located at the Intersection of Sunset Blvd & Allenford Avenue within site of the Now Entering Pacific Palisades sign just west of the intersection; with Governor Reagan's motorcade--complete with CHP Harley Motorcycle escorts becoming a regular site as he headed to his estate in Palisades Heights--I thought I would attend high school at Palisades High--affectionately referred to as "Pali" by the children of Hollywood stars--like my oldest sister who graduated, Class of 1970.

In the patio with Daddy-O tanning and cutting-out recipes on a weekend, Brentwood, CA 90049

I Saw Several Movie Premieres at The Cinerama

The Sound of Music...Oliver...Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...and John Wayne's Best Actor & Oscar winning, True Grit.
...I will put a few more pictorial images from the pinnacle of Dad's third time around in Hollywood and, also, three-time-stint in the SF TV market, spanning an over 23 year career in television--starting in 1949 at Paramount Studios as an intern and then bringing him to KGO 7, Willard S. Davis, Jr, at the dawn of commercial television, regionally, in 1951.

WSD Jr [left-of-center] Pictured at SF City Hall With A Producer (?) and Reporter circa 1951

...Willard S. Davis Jr., reconnected with my mother who he briefly dated & attended Sac High with in the mid-nineteen-forties after an impromptu run-in at Van Ness & California which led to the birth of my oldest sister in 1952.
Equally important, and a graduate of Berkeley's Class of 1948, my Mother, Adair C. Davis, was born at St. Francis Hospital in SF.

[scroll to bottom after article for more bonus pictures from those Hollywood years]

 Anyhow, Back to the Cinerama Closure

Better yet, I have C&P'd the just-of-it below.

...oftentimes pictured collapsing on film in LA Earthquakes and more recently featured in Tarantino's, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood:


Excerpts From the Deadline.com Article


Decurion’s crown jewel is the Hollywood Arclight multiplex on Sunset Boulevard and its 58-year old Cinerama Dome, which made a big cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and remains many filmmakers’ favorite venue. The Hollywood Arclight is also one of the highest-grossing movie theaters in the nation; again, a huge blow to the industry and the L.A. market, which is in its fourth week of a robust reopening.


Given how beloved the Cinerama Dome is by studios and filmmakers — heck, Tarantino blasted Disney for pushing tailor-made his 70mm Western Hateful Eight out of the beehive cinema in December 2015 when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was locking up a number of big auditoriums — I can’t see this Hollywood landmark falling by the wayside. If Decurion can’t resurrect it, someone has to come along and scoop up the property. The Dome houses the largest contoured motion picture screen in the world, measuring 32 feet high and 86 feet wide.

Most of these Arclight Cinemas are in prime shopping centers in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and Pasadena. There’s even a new location in Boston. It’s a two-way street for this exhibitor and landlords: They need each other for excellent business to resume. These are some luxurious cinemas, and if Decurion can’t revive them, another exhibitor, perhaps an international one like Cinepolis, just might.

Pacific Theatres founder William R. Forman announced the construction of the Cinerama Dome in July 1963 at a star-studded groundbreaking ceremony attended by Spencer Tracy, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Edie Adams and Dorothy Provine. Forman had committed to United Artists that the Dome would be ready for the November 7, 1963, world premiere of the first movie filmed in the new 70mm, single-strip Cinerama process: Stanley Kramer’s It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Construction was rapid, taking only 16 weeks.

The Cinerama Dome is the only concrete geodesic dome on Earth. The theater is made up of 316 individual hexagonal and pentagonal shapes in 16 different sizes. Each of these pieces are roughly 12 feet across and weigh around 7,500 pounds.


Now Those Bonus Pictures:


DMD With Donkey on the 1st Filmed-in-color episode of Death Valley Days (1967.) A big deal for the family as we watched it broadcast in Los Angeles during the dinner-hour: Both Written & Produced by WSD Jr. and shot on location in Kanab, Utah & Four Corners, Arizona

A now Inappropriate photo after playing "Cowboys and Indians" with the '38 Special-type looking cap-guns! 

Pictured here with the soon-to-be legendary, tree-climbing, Carmichael, CA "Squirrel-dog," Yankee Davis, gonna be a few years older in NorCal. playing with me amidst the English Ivy at the front of Paul Revere Jr. High School, LA,

The mid-to-late 1960's was an unforgettable romp&roll.


Were we Influenced by Hollywood Westerns & Television "Programing?" 





  ...Kool Brand Candy Cigarettes...how-bout' those Winston Smoking, Flintstones cartoon characters?


Reporting from SF



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