Woke Cancel Culture & How We Got Here: Erasing the History Culture & Society of the Once Freest Country in the World


How Did This Happen?


Hint: The Old Slippery Slope Analogy

In the modern era, it started with seat-belt laws in the early 1960's. Then, in the early eighties, Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD] began advocating for lowering the then 0.12% Blood Alcohol Count [BAC] for driving under the influence. At the time, anything up-to a 0.13% DUI on the 1st offense could be lowered to a reckless driving conviction in California. Initially advocating for a lowered threshold to be 0.10% BAC, MADD Sacramento-based Chair, Candy Lightner, was still not satisfied, returning to the legislature to advocate for the absurd 0.08% BAC

In 1984, she was out front leading the charge to enact the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, effectively raising the drinking age across the nation to 21.

Much as the police and municipalities got-hooked on mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses and the windfall from seizing peoples hard earned property, vehicles--you name it--those huge fines and the overflowing governmental financial windfall extorted from citizens from these stricter DUI laws helped police departments buy lots of new toys: armored vehicles, helicopters, Nazi-reminiscent German shepherds were added to the mix, and even checkpoints funneling people into being forced to engage with law enforcement on the nations roads and state highways.  

Incrementally, the temperature of the water was being raised until the frog--that would be us in 2021 United States--finally realizing it is was too late; case-in-point, we had the recent news item of Bruce Springsteen busted--albeit not convicted--for taking a single shot of alcohol and riding his motorcycle. 

It is now routine for police in many municipalities to impound vehicles, disrupt citizens work and family schedules--resulting in thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars lost--arresting and charging motorist who blow anything above 0.04 BAC with drunk driving.

See How This Works? Drake Davis Defined Slippery-slope-ism...Let Us Continue

About the same time, the Reagan administration upped-the-ante on Nixon's first use of the phrase, "War on Drugs" legislation, The Controlled Substance Act, signed in 1971. 

Arguably, this is where the precedent of mandatory minimums and expanding or federalizing drug enforcement came to pass, yet the permissive 1970's had most citizens--at least Californian's--looking the other way in regards to what their friends and neighbors were into. 

Mid-seventies Live and Let Live, right?

However, as the baby boomers settled-down and with children entering or already in their teens, there was a groundswell of support from not only a substantial chunk of my generation--the WW II generation being the majority of voters sensing an almost, Big Get Even with those liberal once hippy-like kids

...that may sound odd, yet as a tail-end-boomer, many of us were uniquely positioned to see this play-out; for example, I had staunchly conservative republican parents and my peers in our mid-to-late twenties--many still single and continuing to be engaged in all kind of libertine or hedonistic endeavors--carried with us our proclivities acquired from having attended high school in the mid-to-late1970's.


Let Me Briefly Add Much Needed Context for Those of a Different Era

[Taking a break, I returned to edit and finish writing this post on Saturday, March 6th, 2021]

The Movie, Dazed and Confused was not an overstatement and mirrored many of our experiences attending a high school that drew from several upper-middle class or affluent Sacramento neighborhoods, graduating from Rio Americano, Class of 1978.

Sometime, take a peek at the companion blog from my three-semester streaming radio show once heard on San Francisco State's KSFS [Fall Semester 2018 Alumnus.] 

The voluminous capstone senior year project lives-on and is chalk-full of what went on at Rio which literally had a smoking area-functioning as an open-air drug-bazaar, backing-up to the levee. With no fencing and the lush riparian forest giving us cover, we could stroll-to the banks of the American River in minutes, the scene of springtime "keggers."

...At Lunch, a crowd of fifty-to-eighty students forgoing 5th and 6th period in most cases! 

Much as, when the kids would show-up from rival high schools for drag racing--also at lunch-hour--turning a one-eighth mile section fronting the school located on American River Drive into an impromptu drag-strip was regularly accomplished, no problem-O. That, until the administration heard open headers and posi-traction launches tearing-up the street, CHP arriving in force, fifteen or twenty minutes later, once the smoke cleared.

Clearly, and with many of our folks either clueless or embracing a Boys Will Be Boys mindset, we were totally-oately freaking out-of-control in Late '70's Central Valley Cali

...insert exclamation point and Bogie Nights (1997) movie trailer here, Drake!