Growing Evidence Texas Power Outage Done Intentionaly

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I want to park this special report for your consideration:

Banned.Video: Biden's Dark Winter Comment Materializes for Millions

This is a very concise report [4:56m] demonstrating that an executive order which protected the bulk power infrastructure or power-grid, signed by President Trump in 2018 [Executive Order 12930,] was suspended for 90 days on January 20th, 2021, President Biden signing a new executive order.

As is often the case, I have other endeavors on a Saturday and like to start a post and will be returning to look-into an additional angle:

Did a Geoengineering or Deployment of Weather Weaponry Contribute--Even Cause--the Deadly Texas Cold Front?

As I look across the room at my bookcase, Naomi Kline's, Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007) is nestled among books on JFK's Demise, Waco/Oklahoma City, and the 911 Truth Movement; no doubt, one of the best selling-books that year.

Largely a book very critical of GW Bush and the embedded neocon establishment, one of Kline's assertions is that an atmospheric heater using the HAARP radar array based in Alaska, steered and accelerated the devastating Hurricane Katrina and resulting New Orleans flood.

When I get back to this post, it will be after pulling & putting-together what I sure by now is significant chatter and research already uncovered supporting this hypothesis.



Skeptics Just Try First 15m of a Documentary on Weather Modification Eyes Wide-open


[February 25 & 26th, 2021]

Alright my people...where Where We

That said, I am going to wait until I hear an upcoming interview with Dr. Nick Begich to air next week before I begin expounding upon--the now confirmed by many at the highest level of our federal government--continued use of geoengineering.

 Do Not Believe Me: Former CIA Director (2016) Speaking Before The Globalist Think Tank Council on Foreign Relations

YouTube [Total Run Time 5:00m, so if in a hurry just fast-forward to 2:20m]

Meanwhile, check-out these links:


Mike Morales' Above ground YouTube: Watch Actual CSPAN Footage of Testimony Before Congress and  Multiple News Reports on Geo Engineering in First 2 minutes!

 Amazon: Begich's Wrote the Book (1995) on Geoengineering of the Atmosphere


Over two decades later, Elana Freeland's hypothesizes the who what where when & how of 911in the preview provided by Amazon from Under An Ionized Sky (2018)

Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown by [Elana Freeland]Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by [Elana Freeland]

Elana Freeland: Chemtrails, HAARP and Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014)


 While Preparing Those Links I Found This Juicy Just Published Book:


Jeff Berwick: The Controlled Demolition of The American Empire


Lastly, how sad that the vast majority of people do not read books--unable to break-out of curated news feeds from Apple, Yahoo News, Instagram, and FB--enslaved to their smartphone's chosen just-for-them [algorithmic[ news feed. 

That is why my followers are legions ahead of those who lack critical thinking and reasoning.

Thank you for continuing to consider my thoughts.

Wrapping-up, and more importantly, if you still are in disbelief that anything this sinister, global geoengineering, has been going-on for decades, please set aside some time to watch this documentary. 

Hosted by geoengineering Lead Researcher, Dane Wigington, I urge followers of CT&Reasoning, to just view the first fifteen minutes, right now.

The Dimming: Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary [1:56:58 TRT] 

In a commencement speech at the height of the Vietnam War [15:38m,] the Thirty-sixth President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, describes the ongoing weather modification stating, " ultimately control the weather, and he who controls the weather controls the world"

What was then described as cloud-seeding, weather modification was deployed over the north-to-south, Ho chi minh trail, during the Vietnam War.

Moreover, excerpts of television news reports from KNBC Los Angeles, KOVR Sacramento, are followed in quick succession scientists, our old-friend Bill Gates [17:09] and discussion of what these chemicals being sprayed on us are and the process of how this is being conducted...

All within the first twenty minutes of the documentary!


The "Ah-ha" Moment of Light-bulb Turning-on-ism 


I am willing to bet, you will want to set aside a couple hours, getting out the popcorn, and sit down in the very near future with your family or a gathering of some friends in our new newly revealed almost post-covid dystopia.

In my opinion, we must come to a very ugly realization regarding the multi-layered systems--including considering this last year being a beta-test to see how we react/comply to completely draconian demands--before or in anticipation of the coming real bio-weapon being deployed against humanity.

Taken in totality, the things laid-out in CT&R, the evidence that exist all over--if we look for it--has made it clear that we are on a freight-train heading-off the cliff of what may be, potentially, the worst genocide event in known human history.


Drake Davis



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