FBI Asset Leading Insurection Received $250,000 Gates Poised 4 Genocide & Take Population Control Vaccine...Drop-dead


 Hello Consumers of Critical Thinking & Reasoning,

As is often the case on Sundays, I have some chores going-on and will start a post, resuming to finish it over the next 48 hrs or so.

I try to avoid posting videos from infowars.com because Alex Jones is such a polarizing figure; risking derision or even desertion from my fledgling readership is not my idea of growing my blog. Yet on this entire Covid-19 agenda, vaccine side-effects--now sudden deaths--now coming to light, acknowledging Jones' understanding of Bill Gates penchant for Eugenics--proves him to be, spot on:

Jones: At Least Take A Look at Gates Own Words [11:20-13:34] Laughing and Overjoyed by our Pain

AND just now, I have unearthed further evidence of infiltration and false-flag type of activities leading-up to the events of January 6th:

Yahoo Headline Should Be: Key Figure Leading Insurrection Received $250,000 in Bitcoin.


[Resumed: Tuesday  February 16, 2021]

Bill Gates: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Well, it reminds me of the old radio adage [positioning statements commonly referred to as Liners to be announced at certain positions (:15 or :30 min) into the hourly format clock. For instance, "The Hits Just Keep on Coming" or "All Bill Gates All the Time!"]

Today, did not disappoint with several stories playing-out since starting this post, Sunday. In previous blog posts we took-pause with Melinda Gates appearance--literally--on ABC's GMA in which she wore an upside-down cross surrounded by red rubies arrayed in a circular pattern commonly known as a "Corona."

...they do love to rub it in our faces, huh?
Last year, CT&R also reported on Gates spending $275,000,000 spread throughout legacy or dinosaur media to ensure plenty of positive press in everything from CBS Evening News, Weird magazine, etc. 
Of course, funding for PBS' Newshour is evidenced by a prominent statement nightly regarding "....the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."

Last month, I posted Business Insider and other MSM outlets reporting that Gates had become the largest agricultural owner of land in the US. Now further evidence of his malevolent concern for our collective health:
...one last thing: 
In what looks to be another case of weather-warfare, could this horrific cold blast be the latest to train or condition people in Texas for California-style rolling-black-outs? Moreover, what do you think this will do to cattle and other livestock ranchers operations?

Can you say, "Soylent Green meat shortages?"


Meanwhile Another One Bites the Dust

...but wait there's  more:
Whistle-blower, Dr. Simone Gold Continues Calling-out The Medical/Insurance Industrial Complex
Then again, not to be in radio parlance, "All Negative All the Time," please check this out:
It is early in this not only generational but, perhaps, societal beginning of a New Age; decidedly, it has become a challenge for myself to grab-onto--or devolving into some kind of taking of sides as the jury is still out as they say in third-branch of government land!

That said, this once rather radical big L' Librarian--while a little freaked-out by all of this--will not shrink from commenting on the day's events. Despite threats of gulag-reminiscent reeducation camps, it is of the highest priority to continue to seeking-out common ground, employing and leaning-upon my Libra Scales in a search for Liberty and Justice, regarding these continuing to unfold global societal changes; undoubtedly, I have been working for a huge shift in the evolution of society for close to thirty years, now. So, why would I let-up on the gas-pedal, now?
From the Glide Church Archives Room  

Mayor Breed & I Volunteered Thanksgiving 2019 w/ Janice and Rev Cecil Williams lower-right


Even while those in control keep moving the Covid lock-down goalpost...
Remembering the Big Lie: SF Chronicle (April, 25, 2020) Just "Another Few More Weeks"

 The world is in a state of upheaval and it is up to us--All of Us--to step-up and get involved.


We All Need to Be Involved in Shaping Forthcoming Events

Waiting to see what transpires is clearly the road to authoritarian rule, internment, and even death! 
I would urge people not to shrink from the challenges of today and engage in needed conversation with family and friends we are denied from seeing, activism, and--when necessary--civil disobedience to enter into the fray regarding how we will live and relate to each other in the future.

Case in point, the original URL for this blog was juxtaposed4reconcilliaton.com which was hard for me to spell consistently--let alone casual users to remember.  Last summer, the idea was that although we are so polarized, and dug-into or juxtaposed--politically--the time will come for reconciliation. 

...ha-ha, still cannot spell that word so central in Christian Theology, going with the URL, criticalthinkingandreasoning.com eventually won-out.

Now, if we could just get rid of my propensity to over-use hyphens. Sorry, but writing using APA Style mandated by my major or in media, calls for it in regards to news reporting--specific to audio voice-over and broadcast/electronic media.
That disclosure laid-to-rest, I need to give this post a rest.

I am like a NorCal Pacific Ocean Crab, Dungeness, for now.

...that is spelled right, no?

From San Francissy, "I Am 'Still' Drake Davis."


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