Not So Fast

Hey There Fellow Lock-downed Once Free Citizens,                

I have tried to lay-low since November 3rd and did indeed take a couple-three-day media/election break; not enough, the election not called by the MSM until last Saturday! I really wanted to not have to weigh-in regarding any real consequence; guess I have to grow somewhat of a pair, and start addressing some of the irregularities that have presented themselves:

First, does anyone recall watching a close election where--inexplicably--the counting just stopped at 1:30 AM? This, in no-less than six or seven battleground states, simultaneously.

ALL at the Same Time

Remember, I have been a political junkie since watching old Walter Cronkite as I peppered my father with questions on Vietnam--before that really. Using this time of lock-down, I have been going-thru my deceased parents boxes of family records, heirlooms, and photos, and ran across a letter to my parents from my Godmother, Evangeline Baker of Bay Area radio fame, commenting on " patriotic the young-boy is." In fact, in my baby-books, I am at her brother's home somewhere near Carmel waving a Mar-a-tan Plagg.

Mispronouncing of a three-year-old aside, these once every two-to-four year events in November are my football or Super Bowl [careful there Drakester...if not an official sponsor it must be referred to as "The Big Game!"] 

Much as some folks may not like it, there is serious evidence of ballots arriving by the carload in that overnight period, postal workers signing sworn affidavits of witnessing tampering, throwing-out and even rolling-back postmark dates to process ballots for Biden--many with nothing but the presidential race filled-in and otherwise blank!

Then we have the case of Arizona's irregularities where sharpie pens that cannot be read by vote counting machines and were passed-out to voters; undeniably, election officials incriminating themselves in public statements, rushing to get away from reporters.

I am guessing many know little of these allegations, once again, big tech algorithms unique in keeping people in their information bubble.

This is like a dystopian alternate universe when I find myself agreeing with Newt Getting-rich:

The Elephant in the Room Remains to be George Soros

Nevertheless, I have to remind people that what the president is doing is nothing out of the ordinary under the circumstances with Republican poll-watchers be expelled by cheering election officials in Detroit, the examples of this transpiring in many other precincts in numerous battleground or swing-states.

A Separate BUT Equal Branch of Government

I come to you as someone who is not an ideologue ensconced in the Left-Right paradigm but as someone who has watched throughout many decades the slow demise of our Bill of Rights and constitutional protections. However, if you go back to my first posts, I layout my credentials and qualifications in having researched what can only be described as the almost sixty-year plan to bring-down the United States. This is the final end-game with a level of censorship never imagined, a virus that has only killed 240,000 people and most going along with this non-sense, and most of my fellow citizens somehow rendered helpless and unable to process what is happening to them.

The administration turning to the courts is the constitutional process playing-out under these circumstances and the logical course of action. We have all seen and heard Hillary Clinton saying that Biden “…should not concede under any circumstances…”

So, what gives people?

It took some 34 or so days to resolve Bush v Gore, right?

I cannot stress enough that it is not the six or seven MSM outlets that decide who won, but the officials of the electoral college—voted to represent the electorate—that place the results before state legislators for certification; currently, Georgia has declared a hand recount due to irregularities, there are whistle-blowers in multiple states who witnessed egregious ballot tampering and fraudulent counts using this Dominion Brand ballot-counting software.

Gateway Pundit: 300,000 Discrepancies Uncovered in Pennsylvania Alone

We are living through the most historic time in all of my sixty years.

It is the morning of November 12th now, and I will be continuing with final observations and substantiations regarding this software that has come to light in the last few days. Apparently, the Carlyle Group who Michael Moore [hardly a right-wing ideologue] brought to our attention in his 2004 movie, Fahrenheit 911, is behind this software installed in almost all of these disputed states.

Electronic Tampering Leaves A Forensic Trail 

I have said it before, and I will say it again:

My parents’ generation failed to bring the Kennedy conspirators to justice, my generation bought the 911 narrative despite all of the forensic and reams of evidence to the contrary, and we did nothing when previous presidential elections—GW Bush did not win reelection due to massive cheating involving faulty software--were allowed to reelect a very unpopular president after having had invaded the wrong country; previously, Best Selling author, Greg Palast chronicled the 2000 Presidential Election.

Palast: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Wrapping-up, the MSM lack of coverage regarding any of this is going to lead to a frightening response by the rioters and looters happily going about their way since the six or so media outlets called it for Biden/Harris. I really do not know if the Trump campaign can reverse his loss, but one thing is certain:

Trapped in their algorithm-of-a-media bubble, the violent mobs will be much more dangerous this next time around and The Enemy of the People, according to President Trump, the MSM and Big Tech censorship will be mostly to blame.

The keeping of this information--insisting no evidence of fraud existing--from the lions' share of the electorate and those who have been throwing a hissy-fit since election night 2016, will cause them to think that Trump is really just trying to become a dictator; accordingly, There will be no reasoning with them or amount of evidence that they will take anytime to examine. 

Fasten your safety belts and get ready for Trump Derangement Syndrome 2.0, people!





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