The United States is Undergoing a Communist Revolution

 [Originally posted on June 29, 2020 on flawed URL: juxtaposition4reconciliation]


Greetings and thank you in advance for taking an interest in Juxtaposition 4 Reconciliation,

I have decided to enter the fray regarding the ongoing global enslavement by technocrats who are perpetrating a giant hoax in-order to end the United States, place us under a world government, and push towards requiring us to forcibly be vaccinated.

Hold-on before opening a new window if you think I am a conspiracy theorist.

I am not saying that the Covid-19 does not exist; in fact, corona viruses are extremely prevalent and testing for differing variants of corona viruses will bring about positive results in just about EVERYONE.


You heard me.

What is no longer being discussed is that despite the spike recently--the last week or so--is that the death-rate still remains at two-tenths/one-fifth [0.2%] of one percent. The NY Post story published about a month ago that went viral after it was posted on Drudge Report needs to be read as soon as possible and shared with your family, friends, and colleagues:

Exhibit # 1: Why Life Went on During the 1969 Hong Kong Flu Pandemic...hint: We Had Liberty 

For those who did not read the introductory post--that's fine and it is basically a profile of my past, present, and future after graduating from San Francisco State. Let me say I have been studying the globalist [Council on Foreign Relations/New World Order/Club of Rome/Trilateral-ist/Bilderberg’s take your pick or insert your favorite once secret society] since I was a teenager in the mid-1970's.

Long rides on summer vacations and camping around NorCal with my aunt and uncle helped this along as we listened to radio host, Jim Eason, on KGO 810 AM. Conspicuously absent from the Bay Area Hall of Fame [BARHOF] for some-reason, Mr. Eason started the-ball-rolling with talk of  Zbigniew Brzezinski & Henry Kissinger, who were then members of the Trilateral Commission, convinced--he had a John Birch Society-type outlook that there was a communist--or what we now refer-to as a Globalist Plot to merge the US into A New World Order

 ...World Government

The commission was the driving force for the United States--under the Carter Administration--surrendering the United States Panama Canal, removing the troops stationed there since the canal [US Panama Canal Zone] was built by the US.

Here is a link on Brzezinski--his daughter, Mia, Co-hosting a popular morning program:

By the way, I will do a future post on the incestuous nature of broadcast media--primarily, television; in other words, did you know that Chris Wallace of Fox News is the son of Mike Wallace of CBS 60 Minutes fame? Why is Judy Woodruff son a highly recognizable TV reporter? Anderson Copper was found to have been recruited into the decades ago--Project Mockingbird--a CIA Operation to place easily-to-be controlled journalists within US Media, according to declassified documents obtained under The Freedom of Information Act [FOIA.]

AND, a long-list of reporters [...repeaters!] who rotate in-and-out of previous presidential administrations dating back to ABC--and SFSU BECA, Alum Pierre Salinger (JFK,) performing as White House Press Secretaries.

 ...admittedly, one could argue, journalists would be the most qualified to hold the position, I will give you that.

Back to finishing-up the giveaway of the canal at a time just after The Republic of Taiwan was being thrown under-the-bus--The Nixon and Ford Administration embracing and beginning to lay the groundwork for trade deals that would surrender US Sovereignty and Global Superpower status in preparation of The Asian or Chinese 21st Century. 

...there have been Chinese Communist Party [CCP] troops stationed and controlling the western entrance or Pacific-side of the canal for almost two decades, there is an over 800 acre section of our busiest port, Long Beach, that is considered sovereign CCP Territory, and we are about to have a hot war in the South China Sea--the CCP now able to meet parity or able to at least almost challenge Freedom-of-Navigation with our naval forces and allied naval forces in the region.

Taiwan is under extreme threat and will be next after Hong Kong as we fight among ourselves, millions starving world-wide as month four of this lock-down continues in order to destroy the global economy--capitalism being destroyed as the prize.

Let me just take a paragraph or two explaining why you should find me credible regarding the almost civil war condition we find ourselves in, and how we got to the point that our country is becoming unrecognizable, having fallen into a fraudulent medical tyranny--de-facto martial law--on the verge of being conquered:

Things Have Changed: I Now Have Credentials

I now have credentials as a media scholar--my professors and SF State deem us so upon graduation from the renowned Broadcast and Electronic Media Arts degree--which helps but has little to do with my vast breadth of knowledge on this. Literally, I have tens-of-thousands of hours spent watching videos, reading books, performing internet research--in the last two decades--researching and performing or writing papers college assignments for hours on-end in the library at SFSU while streaming shows or listening to broadcast talk radio. Wrapping-up, I was the kid who had to leave the flag-football game after middle school stating, "I have to go watch the Watergate hearings."


...may be a dork, but I know a whole hell of a lot about the cabal that carried-out the assassination of JFK, how our rights were stripped away from us [Patriot Act (2001)] when 911 was either allowed to happen as our defense infrastructure and air force stood-down or worse:

Planned as evidenced by the previous year’s publication of a white paper entitled, Progress for a New American Century [PENAC.]  The think-tank-type foreign policy authors having signed the work make-up a who’s-who of George W. Bush Cabinet Officials--spelling-out the need for a "Pearl Harbor-type of Event," leading to launching wars in order to reshape the Middle East.

Golly Gee: That is What Happened in Iraq Algeria Tunisia Egypt Libia on & on  

I especially know what has happened in its wake as my research intensified over the last nineteen, twenty years since President Cheney sat in control of the operation in the White House Situation Room [documents declassified describe Mr. Cheney refusing to give a shoot-down order after repeated urging from an Air Force officer as the second plane barreled towards the Second Tower.]

That plane, the transponder now off, turned around just after entering Ohio--only to turn-back after leaving Eastern Pennsylvania and not one fighter/interceptor could engage it from either the Navy's Air Station at Norfolk or Andrew Air Force Base!


...and all of the evidence, building 7, forensics, fireman finding explosives, eyewitness survivors who said bombs went off just less than a minute from the first plane hitting Tower 1.




Today, more people have become "Conspiracy Theorists." About half the population by varying degrees that the final endgame--myself, being on a scale of 1-10 a Ten--because everything is out in the open as the Globalists, their useful idiots rioting in the streets, and this sign-of-submission mask wearing--pushes us closer to death at the hands of a man dressed in a Mr. Rodgers non-threatening pink sweater, his wife, Melinda Gates, and the Foundations that basically run the world and control the mainstream media.

Finishing up, this first post of substance, I will be largely avoiding the issue of the Marxist origins of Black Lives Matter and our current racial upheaval for a couple of reasons:

First and most importantly, while this issue does need the involvement of all of us to try to address the problems surrounding this...


But it is our citizens of African American descent who are at the forefront of bringing about the needed change--And They Should Be--it is their time and their issue to confront.


Second, the information is out there and BLM and it's organizational allies.


Third, having said that, I will be shining the light in future posts regarding admitted Nazi Collaborator, George Soros, who is one if not the largest funder of BLM--not a crime I get it--more troubling to me being his funding of no fewer than about fifty other foundations, 501-3Cs, many at the heart of this Big Tech Censorship [Media Matters Democracy Matter NewsGuard and other supposed fact-checkers.] that has finally drawn attention of Federal Agencies, Congress, and the Administration.


...may be too late, we wake-up each day not knowing what horrors and atrocities we face now. Daily. Communist or UN Troops could be replacing our police departments as outlined under the Strong Cities Initiative (2015) a creation of the last administration in a future post.


Meanwhile, I have been working on volunteering and feeding the homeless in The Tenderloin for the last year or so and will be looking forward to contributing to the community, San Francisco, and our nation--robustly--in any way I can be helpful.


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