BANG BANG: Maxwell's Silver Hammer Reigned Down Upon Our Head

Identical Posted Content on Flawed URL: July 3, 2020

Authorities swept-into Epstein's Madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, home arresting the once socialite and accused child sex trafficker.

...and please, no more mainstream media stories on women 15 or 16 year-old. Most countries--if they do have an age of consent--treat 16 and 17 year-old's as adults; for instance, France has it pegged at 14--although rarely enforced if close-enough.

Why do you think Movie Director, Roman Polanski, ran-off to France after, allegedly, drugging and raping a thirteen-year-old actress after a photo-shoot, people?

According to a story by Hadlee Freeman in a January 2018 article, Polanski admitted to most all of the allegations:

The Guardian: What Does Hollywood's Reverence for Child Rapist Roman Polanski Tell Us?

At the time, knowing I was a sixteen year-old junior at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, I felt this needed some light-shined on the episode for the many half my age or younger--this quick skimming of The Guardian article above provides some needed context.

In fact, there is a strange thread of what we refer to today as The Deep State--even the long declassified MK Ultra Program--usually somewhere slithering under-the-surface:

Polanski was married to Sharon Tate, the pregnant victim of the Manson families first murder-spree in 1969, strange associations include Charles Manson befriending Brian [or was that Dennis?]  Wilson of the Beach Boys and so, on...really not relevant to go down this rabbit-hole, but if so inclined, I have a colleague who questions the official narrative described in the best selling book authored by LA Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter.

I picked-up this book at one of the better known psychedelic shops in Haight-Ashbury last year--and there are others--pointing to FBI duplicity and covert operations surrounding not only The Manson Family but the cover-ups chronicled by 1990s Patriot Movement Darling and former LAPD Detective, Ted Gunderson, involving RFK's assassination, the bungling of the 1980's McMartin child sexual molestation trials and subsequent acquittals:

NY Times Dec 21 1986: Chief Accuser in Sex Scandal Found Dead

...and my favorite:

The FBI enabling, destroying evidence, and the whisking away to Saudi Arabia no less than up to sixty Saudi Intelligence Assets & Saudi Royals four days after the 911 Attacks--US Airspace grounded with not one other flights allowed prior or for several days after.

Literally, both the Sarasota, FL and San Diego elements involved in the planning, training, and logistical execution avoiding questioning--let alone prosecution--of our most notorious Inside-job.

...resulting in the death of over 3,000 people.

LA Times: Saudi Citizens--Some Royal Family & Members of the Ben Laden Family--Whisked Away Avoiding Prosecution 

The time has long since past to disband this rouge agency and prosecute Mr. Mueller--yeah that one--who was a crime kingpin at the FBI in that and other illegal activities, in my opinion.

Mueller headed-up the FBI--appointed shortly before 911. convenient and obviously, just another isolated incident or odd happenstance.

So, getting-back to the current fiasco surrounding the "suicide" of Hedge-fund Manager and once accused Child Sex Trafficker, Jefferey Epstein. I will go out on a ledge and surmise that Epstein may still be alive...perhaps in some form of witness protection program.

I cannot prove it.

As they say, "What do sheet-rock, Christmas lights, and Jeffery Epstein have in common?"

Answer: "They don't hang themselves!"

Yet, these revelations regarding Epstein's not so thoroughly investigated death while on a suicide-watch involving not one or two cameras, but the entire closed-circuit system turned-off reminds me of a mid-nineties high profile federal case in Portland--a suspect that shot unannounced Multnomah County plain-clothed officers raiding a marijuana grower without a warrant who also died in custody, with "Toothpaste smeared across a suicide-watch CC camera," according to The Portland Oregonian.

..but I digress

These crimes and the blackmail-operation run by these two--Israeli Mossad Agent Maxwell and Epstein reaches into the highest levels of the US Government. Many elected officials, Hollywood and Entertainment-types are also compromised-- their involvement either having been framed or otherwise implicated involving prepubescent children--some as young as infants is at the heart of this madness.

According to many of my sources, the laptop of former Congressman (NY) Anthony Wiener--married to the rumored-to-be Lover of Hillary Clinton known as Huma Abdein--had snuff films on it, allegedly. Several police investigator sickened to the extent of their exposure leading to excusing  themselves from the case, and the US Attorney--yes that one--just replaced by Trump, had been protecting or otherwise not proceeding with prosecution, allegedly, according to several media outlets.

In other words, there has been a steady stream of stories trickling-out over the second-half of this last decade that are now making-it into the largely discredited Lame-Stream Media.

There is a vein of speculation emerging that this being drug-into the sunshine may be the Presidents' October Surprise and could finally be the thing that brings down the Deep State.

Certainly, we will revisit this issue in subsequent blog-posts.


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